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Monday, 20 March 2017

Badger Army At The Ready!

Well last week was extremely full on! I think I managed to get about two weeks work done in a single week and boy did I feel it on Friday, I had no motivation at all!

But it was a blooming awesome week and I'm so happy with everything that got achieved! There are some fun new products up on my Etsy shop HERE including my little mr goldfinch who I'm actually really proud of now. He started of as such a simple little doodle, he was a warm up painting that just got too good not to turn in to a print and I love him.
I really can't wait to be able to live in our own home where we can actually put pictures up, by the time that happens I'm going to have so many much loved prints that our walls will be covered in artwork, most likely all birds and bears the way I'm going!

But after all the work that happened last week I was desperate to get out of the house and get back to nature so me and the OH went out for a long hike in the woods. It was super muddy and there was an almost constant drizzle as we were walking but oh it was so amazing. I don't get to go much further than the streets nowadays, I used to spend a lot of my time roaming around woods but that was back when I was single and didn't have a business to run and I'll admit I really do miss it. 
So going for this walk was just awesome and I loved it even if I did wreck my favourite trainers... they're meant to be green and pink... at the end of the walk they were almost black!

It may have been a grizzly looking day but it made my heart sing and was a real sign that spring is on the way. All the trees had little green buds everywhere! And of course today is the first day of spring so I'm super buzzed right now!

And finally from last week, my most amazing little badger army that is popping up all over the place!

I worked on these for around a year, tweaking their design over and over until it was just right and now I'm finally happy with them. Actually beyond happy with them! They're my little badgies! I'm going to be so sad to see them all go but at the same time they are my business cards! XD there's just something about these little guys. I spent so much time on them and I hand cut them all out and score them myself so they're very special. I just can't stop looking at them. I don't think I really believed that they would ever come to anything so to actually see them standing there, grinning away at me is just the most amazing feeling.

I'm going to be cutting 40 of these little guys out today, It's a good thing I love them so much!

So this week has lots going on, lots of designs needing to be finished, a commission to be worked on and lots of businessy bits like getting a card reader! Eep!

When I first decided to do this I was so scared, I was terrified as it was all so new but right now I'm completely pumped and loving this! I have everything under control and I'm getting everything done! It's not what I was expecting, I was definitely expecting me to be running around like a headless chicken behind on everything and then here I am getting a commission sorted at the same time as everything else without any added stress. It's all going so smoothly!

The only thing that's hovering over my head like a rain cloud is my bird colouring book as there's still a lot to get done with that right now but I still think I can get it done. If I get my head down and get working harder!

And hey, work hard and play harder! I intend to do this for the next few weeks of insanity :P

Have a great week!

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

New Designs Coming Through!

This week is proving to be a tough one for me but this happy smiling pooch is here to save the day!

I've had quite a few designs in my head for the last few months but haven't really had the time to focus on them completely, they've basically been stuck in my sketchbook waiting to be found again.
But now that the craft fair is fast approaching (Is it really less than three weeks to go!?) I felt that it was time to actually sit down and get some finished!

To put it simply, the last couple of days have been mental. I am working ridiculously hard to get all of this done and boy am I ready to climb in to bed every night! I feel like the week after the fair I'm going to enjoy lots of well earned lie ins and lots of relaxing! I of course know this is not going to happen and instead I will have lots more going on but a girl can dream!

So as you can see from the image above, I'm trying to expand my party animal collection, this time there is a dog and a cat, the cat is currently a work in progress as I really can't decide what colours to use for him, and photoshop has decided to have a tantrum and is making my job a lot harder than it needs to be! (Yes I might be glaring at my laptop as I write this).

I do however seem to have everything else under control, so far at least or maybe I'm living in a little ignorant bubble of control, that is also highly possible with me!
I still have my 3D business cards to get sorted and some funky bunting once I've actually come up with the design, I'm hoping to hang the bunting up on the front of the table, maybe, I'm not 100% sure as I'm also considering people catching themselves on it and maybe pulling the entire table and products off... or a child who might think it could be funny... I feel like I've just talked myself out of the bunting! Oops!

I will admit the nerves are kicking in but they're a brilliant relief from everything else that's going on in my head which sounds insane but I do actually have control over everything that's going on with the business. I just must remember to get insured before the big day XD
That would probably be the biggest silly badger move, get everything sorted, be ready for anything and forget that simple little thing... *sigh*

I also have the most adorable, wonderful commission right now featuring some adorable rats in adorable hats and bunny ears. Yes, I am in my element here and I'm loving it. I always love working with fellow ratty lovers/owners, I not only get to draw their rats but I get to see cute photos and hear about the little mischiefs! For someone who loves the little critters but can't own them, it's my little bit of heaven and it's wonderful.

So the rest of this week is full of planning, plotting and creating and hopefully getting lots done, I'm even bribing myself with the reward of new boots if I can get this done, I'm hoping the incentive will get me zooming through that to-do list! It might work... I can but hope! XD

Now to go use a window as a light box! Livin' the life! ;)

Have a great week!

Thursday, 9 March 2017


We're well in to March now and everything's going at a crazy speed! Silly Badger Designs has had a bit of an update including a few more greeting cards including this design that you may have already seen as it's been available through my redbubble shop for a while now!

The other big woohoo for this update is that my sun and moon bears are finally available as prints!! This has been a long project that's used nearly every material and skill I have to get them looking great and I'm so happy with them. You can now buy them as art prints through my Etsy Shop or you can get them on many different products through myRedbubble Shop!

In other news, preparations for the stall in April have been coming along both fast and slowly and when I say that I mean all the stuff that I need to buy/get other people to print is all going really speedy and all the stuff that I need to get done is going fairly slowly. There's a tiny bit of panic at the back of my mind but I'm putting that down to first time nerves. If I didn't get them I wouldn't be human! 
So here's a little peek at the flyers and business cards I got printed recently by who are my go to company for any of my printing needs that I can't do myself.

I was a bit nervous that they might come out dodgy as I hadn't worked on the design for too long but in the end I'm really happy with how it came out! And of course we're covered in badgers, the back of the flyer has the same badger design as the business card.

I basically have most of the pieces I need to actually package things and display things well, I just have three little jobs to get finished and once they're done I just have to get stock printed up which shouldn't bee too difficult.
The three last bits include making bunting for the front of the stall, yes I probably will curse myself for wanting to do this! :P 
Making a bunch of foldable business cards that people can just pick up, this is another random idea that I've had for a while which I'm completely winging it over! 
And finishing a stamp of my logo... lets just say that I couldn't really afford the size stamp I wanted so I decided to lino cut my own logo, words and all... I have only done lino cutting twice before this, two very small basic things so in my usual way I just jumped right in to the deep end! I know there's a chance I will mess it up and it's in no way going to be perfect but it's going to be stamped on to paper bags... It really does not need to be perfect!

So I have that all going on this week which is lots of fun! The best thing of all I have to admit though has been seeing my first hover flies, honey bee and bumble bee, that has topped anything else this week because nature knows best and this means that spring is on its way!
And I'm super excited to see everything come back to life!

Right, I now have to get going and get some work done! Have a great day!

Friday, 3 March 2017

Silly Badger Announcement!

So yes, I've been mentioning this for the past week, I even posted my overwhelmed ramblings as I applied to do this having so much trouble keeping it secret but here goes!

I am very super duper excited to announce that Silly Badger Designs will be attending Kingdom's Family Craft Fair in Warminster town park on Sunday the 2nd of April!!

My badgery self will be there with lots of fun illustrations and products and a big smile to greet anyone who can make it!

This is a massive deal for me as this was my number one goal for this year for Silly Badger, I wanted to actually sell at a fair of some kind, face to face with people instead of hiding behind a screen, I do miss a lot of interaction with this job and it will be wonderful to meet other sellers!

This did spring out of nowhere for me and I don't have much time to prepare which is why I had my initial panic at the beginning but now I've calmed down and I'm seeing this as a super fun project/adventure and so far it's going really well! It's amazing how many little things you need to take in to account for something like this but I am loving every second of this.
Apparently I really do love running my little business!

So as you can see I am very excited to be taking Silly Badger Designs to the next level and am very excited to get my products out in the to wilds of Wiltshire! Actually Warminster is a very nice town and hopefully the day will be nice and sunny to make things even more fun!

So there's my announcement! And now I will be posting weekly posts about getting ready! Hopefully it will go smoothly, I know there will be some hiccups though, there are always hiccups!

As always thanks for reading and being awesome!! 

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Hello March!

Wow that last post was a bit of a rambling mess. To be fair I really was in the middle of being completely overwhelmed and feeling out of my depth but *deep breath* I am back to normal.

This month is going to be a crazy one, I have an official announcement to make later this week on here although if you follow me on Instagram you may already know what it is ;)

Firstly before I forget, I'm planning on removing all jewellery products from my Etsy Shop this currently includes 2 brooches and 3 necklaces. Go HERE to view them. If you're interested in anything they're only going to be around for a limited time now until their listings run out and I will not be renewing them.
I'm mainly doing this for two reasons. One is that they don't get that much attention, I've sold a few which is awesome but compared to my other products they get barely any views at all and are taking up space another product could have. And two is that they take a lot of work, we're talking hours/days of careful work and attention to create each one and right now with everything else I have going on I don't have the time to take on more of these orders as they're made to order.

I have a few new products coming up soon including some more ratty bits ad bobs and if all goes well today I will also have the Sun and Moon bears ready, they're basically 98% done, I just need to clean the images up slightly and we're good to go!

The bird colouring book has also slowed down slightly as I'm having trouble with one of the designs. The little goldcrest is proving to be a bit awkward and I can't seem to draw him or his background at all so I'm coming to the conclusion that I should just change the bird, so unfortunately the poor goldcrest has been cut from the team but I'm sure his replacement will be just as awesome!

Also, almost a year after I first planned on doing this I finally got around to making a lino print! I've wanted a stamp of my logo for a while now and don't really have the money to splash on getting one custom made so I thought I'd have a go at making my own as I had a lino cutting kit lying around. I've been too scared to really give in a go though feeling that it would come out awful or worse, knowing how damn clutsy I am I believed I would end up with bloodied sliced up hands from the blade!
But last night I just went ahead and did it and boy I'm so glad I did as it turned out fantastic!

This was just a small test out to see if I could actually do this and as this went so damn well I've decided to have a go at a larger version featuring my full logo, words and all. I'm also considering maybe having a go at some other designs potentially as I actually found this quite fun!

So lots going on!
I do however have my typical thing, why is it that when you have a lot of work to do you get something that tries to get in the way! Every time my planner gets filled up I either get sick or I get an art block. This time I have an art block so I am grateful for that however this art block is not helpful when I'm trying to get a million and one things done including lots of new designs and lots of words to write!

I'm hoping it will fade away now that I'm working on these stamps and previous designs that don't need to much new thoughts, apparently my muse is on strike... she is a little minx! Always running off when there's work to get done!

Well as I said before there is going to be a shop update in the next week or so and there's going to be an announcement later on this week which will then be followed by weekly posts involving that announcement so stay tuned for that! This may end up being a diary of how I go insane so it could be interesting reading! :P

And before I go, this month has an instagram challenge created by Joanne Hawker called #marchmeetthemaker which is an awesome way of getting to know more about the small creative businesses out there! and this year I've joined in! It's only day two but I've already made some new connections and found some amazing creatives out there which is awesome. I'm really loving every bit of this and going through everyone else's posts. So if you're interested about knowing a little bit more about myself and Silly Badger Designs go to my instagram account (link is to the right!) or find me through the app by searching for sillybadger_illustration and you can catch up on my daily posts which will include some fun behind the scenes stuff!

Phew! Well I think that's it for today! Have a great week!

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Big Decisions

This is going to be a lot of writing, I do apologise but I am currently on my own, having a bit of a panic and needing to vent. I also know that everything is going to be okay but that doesn't stop me worrying uncontrollably!

Oh why did this have to all happen on a week when I was spending time alone!

The thing is I have been offered an opportunity that's going to be amazing and I plan to sign up and get going with it.
The other side of it is that even though this is something I really wanted to do... it's also very new to me and a lot of work.

I'm basically sitting here in semi dark having a proper little panic over this whole situation which at the same time is also making me laugh out loud as I know I'm being a doofus!

It just had to time it on the couple of days when my OH isn't around and I haven't had much chance to talk to him... I didn't realise how much I talk things over with him to get a good idea of what I'm doing!

So yes. Here I am. Being a total doofus and laughing at my own anxiety. It's fun being me! XD

I will actually talk about this big scary thing more in a later post when I'm not acting like a deer in headlights but for now all I will say is that I'm doing something fairly big in a few weeks time and it's going to be a great adventure even if i is scaring the life outta me right now!

There will be a lot of work and a lot of new things going on, I hope to actually post about this as I go to share the adventure and craziness of all of this!

Phew... I really don't know what to say... This is what happens when something big and unexpected happens to someone who runs a small art business... You know I haven't expected half of the stuff that's been going on for the past year, everything has been such a big new surprise and this grand adventure has become so much more insane and wonderful than I could have ever expected!

I promise to actually explain myself in another post, I know this one is probably a complete jumble of words and I doubt I make much sense but I'm probably giving over my exact feelings.... overwhelmed excitement and a touch of fear!

Here's to a new challenge I guess! 2017 you beauty!

And now to go chill out and hide in a little comfort bubble known as a hot bath and stuff my face with chocolate... I really shouldn't be left alone, I don't do adult well!

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

So Busy!

I've been a bit quiet as I've just had so much going on this past week or so that I just haven't had a spare moment! I've been getting the Moon and Sun bears sorted (they're finally nearly done!) I've had lots of life stuff going on and then there's this little big project I've been working on lately!

It started out as a fun little doodle to do whilst the OH was gaming and then it just escalated so much as so many things do in life!

It started with a bird doodle... and now I'm making a colouring book. In my usual fashion I jumped in to this head first without any real thought to how much work it would actually involve. Like every zine I've ever made! :P
But I think this is going well seeing as I've been working on it for a couple of weeks now and we're nearly ready to put it all together!

Well I have the cover to design and lots of things to write, yes I'm actually doing to writing myself! My nerdy Birdness has to come out somewhere after all!
So if all goes to plan, next week I will actually have a colouring book to my name and probably (hopefully!!!!) have it listed up on Etsy!

Here's a sneaky peek at two of the pages so far. The first picture features chaffinches and the second features goldfinches which is what I've literally just finished.
Also the colour differences in the images would be due to one being taken at night and the other being taken this morning with rubbish daylight :P

I will get my blogging game back on soon but at the moment I'm going to be erratic with everything that's going on. You can follow me better through my instagram account that gets updated much more often!

And can you believe it's nearing the end of February already!! Eeep! This month has been so crazy!

Well I will leave you with the birdy peek and will hopefully have a proper update later this week!

Have a great day!