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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Glorious Sun and Our 2nd Craft Fair!

Well here in the UK it's been glorious sun! Lots of hot days and sticky fed up people everywhere... I can be smug as for once the heat isn't affecting me and with my job which basically has me stuck to my desk or hunched over a sketch book working all hours possible I'm determined to actually get and and enjoy this weather for once!
I tend to end up stuck inside working throughout the summer months and by the time I go out the leaves are changing and autumn has arrived but not this year. This year I'm determined to get out in the glorious weather and soak up that vitamin D!

I've been a bit quiet on here again, I tend to forget to write about things and with everything else going on at the moment I'll admit... I completely forgot! But then again I write so badly at the moment it's probably a good thing!

But first things first!

The badger team are going to be at Kingdom's Family Craft Fair once more at Warminster Town Park this Sunday 25th June and we are super excited!
This is going to be our second craft fair and our second time at this particular fair itself and I'm very happy that we were accepted back for another round of fun in the park.

It's looking like it's going to be a good day full of fun activities, good food and fun stalls to buy from! So if you're in the Warminster area this weekend get down to the park and maybe come and say hi!

In other news, I've been working on a few new paintings, they're a bit more realistic than my usual style but I'm really enjoying them. I've also been making a few new fun designs like the little guy above. This weather just makes me really miss the sea. It's one of my favourite places to be and I haven't been to see any of it for a few years now and oh I miss it so badly!
I miss the smell of salt water and even the drying seaweed, the calls of the seagulls as they're flying around hoping to find someone with chips, the sand beneath your feet...

Yeah, I need a holiday.

I'm hoping if all goes to plan that I can have a lot of these designs done by the end of the week, ready to share and ready for products!

I'm also working on some new packaging for the business. My current packaging is fine but it's not super fun which is what I want it to be, I want people who order from me to have a nice fun package through the door that will make them happy before they've even broken in to it.
So I'm trying to jazz things up a bit with some colours and fun things. I'm just waiting on some extra funds to be able to do this so if anyone wants to order something from me that would be appreciated! :P

So fun things are happening and hopefully if you're in the Wiltshire area I might even see you at the craft fair!

Enjoy the sun! :)

Monday, 5 June 2017

Bear Cushions

As many of you know, I'm an artist on Redbubble where I sell most of my designs, you can get them printed on many products from clothing to phone cases to notebooks and cushions and many many more!

A while back when I first finished my moon and sun bear designs my mum wanted them on cushions for her bedroom so bought one of each.

And here they are!

I meant to make a post about these when they first arrived but I had so many other things come up that I completely forgot.
Now I want to say I am not being payed or bribed to say anything good about redbubble themselves. I have been a member/artist on there for over two years now and it's been a fantastic experience for me.
But if there was anything crap I wouldn't be against letting the world know.

Firstly these cushion covers are printed on both sides, something redbubble don't make very clear but they really should as it's a big selling point for me. I was shocked at the double print and at the quality of the fabric. They're not rough fabric but it's sturdy enough to take a beating.
The designs themselves also came out beautifully, much better than I was expecting as at the time I was seriously doubting whether I'd done these well enough. They are however fantastic and I had nothing to fret over!


The bright greens and blues came out perfectly on Moon Bear, she is also perfectly clear and really does look like a painting on the fabric. I've given them both a faint lilac tint for their backgrounds and it really seems to make them pop.


And of course the bright yellows and oranges on sun bear really showed up well giving her a bright yet calm look, again looking like I'd done the painting straight on to the fabric.

I will admit... sun bear is actually my favourite of the two! Shush, don't tell moon bear!

It was so nice to see this design come to life and printed on something other than an art print, not that the art prints are bad but they aren't as much fun as something you can squish and cuddle up to whilst reading a book or watching a film.

All in all I can highly recommend redbubbles cushions as they're a good quality and a good price with reasonable shipping and delivery.

If you're interested in either of these designs you can go to my Redbubble shop here to find them on a variety of fun products. 

Or you can go directly to my Etsy shop here where you can get your paws on art prints and bookmarks with this design.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Our First craft Fair!

I've been a bit quiet this week as it started out a bit rough with us losing our little Bumble Bear.

He was such a special hamster to us and went through some big changes with me, we moved out together nearly a year ago and he became a very important member of our little wacky family. From waddling around in his wheel in the most lazy way possible to trying to play guitar. He was my gorgeous little ham and made such a big impact on my life for such a little animal and I miss him dearly. I still go to talk to him every time I walk past where his cage was and I can't bear to look at the empty space he left behind.

But he lived a very long and happy life and made it to 2 and a half years old which is pretty good for a little syrian hamster who tried to kill himself by jumping out of his cage at 6 months old! He truly was a little adorable miracle and we will never forget him.

So that along with a few other life stresses kinda got in the way of me being too up to date with things. On a lighter more happier subject! The craft fair was lots and lots of fun!

And here my goofy self is with our freshly made stall! I absolutely l absolutely LOVED setting it all up and making it look fun. It was also great that all the hard work I put in to get everything redy and organised payed off nicely and I couldn't have been happier.
Unfortunately due the the weather being so wonderful and being a bank holiday weekend it was a bit on the quiet side but I spent the whole experience with a huge grin on my face. Okay the two cans of energy drinks may have also helped towards that but oh it was such a wonderful adventure and I am ready to do it all over again!

So much so I'm hoping that I can go to the next Kingdoms Family Craft Fair this month on the 25th of June! So fingers crossed I get accepted and get my badger butt there for another round of fun times!

This week is also going to be filled with some shop updates! There are a few new products I made for the craft fair that I still have stock of and I want to get them listed and ready to go as soon as I have the packaging for them! SO this week is going to be filled with new fun things!

I've also updated my site and I'm hoping to give Etsy and my Redbubble shop a nice clean up over the next few days. It's not my favourite thing to do but I'm actually enjoying it so far!

I hope to be a bit more active and colourful in future and hopefully life will start to settle down a bit rather than being all over the place!
Thanks for all of the support and to everyone who has left me kind messages lately. 

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, 27 May 2017

10% Off This Bank Holiday Weekend!

Get 10% off every order over £5.00 this weekend until Tuesday! 

Just use MAYBANK10 code at the checkout in my Etsy Shop

To celebrate the bank holiday weekend and our first ever craft fair this Sunday we're offering a 10% discount off all orders over £5.00 when you use code MAYBANK10 at the checkout!

This includes everything in the shop including pet portraits!
So if you've been eyeing anything up or have a favourite you've been wanting to get now's your chance!

So head over to Silly Badger Designs and take a look at what you can get your paws on!

Here at Badger HQ we're getting the finishing touches done for tomorrow with some last minute packaging, checking off lists and generally being exhausted! Hopefully if the gloomy weather fades we can also enjoy a good BBQ this afternoon as a reward!!

Thanks for all of the support and have a fantastic weekend!

Monday, 22 May 2017

The Excitement Is Growing!

Kingdom's Family Fair

This is it! This weekend will be my first ever time as a stall holder at a craft fair! And I am so, so, so excited!

Thanks to a few hiccups last week I did hit a point of burn out and was just so grumpy and stressed! I don't want people to think I'm running through this without any stress because I can tell you now the stress is real and my poor partner is having to deal with a nervous wreck most days XD Luckily that has passed and I'm on the final stretch and as I said, I'm super excited!

I'll be getting the products all printed up this week so that they're all fresh and shiny and ready to go to their new homes!
This is the part that's going to be both fun and insane, I'm going to be surrounded by all my illustrations, maybe even buried under them at this rate! :P

So this week expect to get ready with me as I prepare for the most exciting thing I've done with Silly Badger Designs so far!

Our Biggest Adventure Yet!

Friday, 19 May 2017

Prep, Insanity and Yays

Well I can honestly say that this week has quite honestly been insane. So much productivity and stress and oh gosh!

Last weekend I got my paws on some wooden blanks, I wasn't 100% sure what to actually do with them at first but of course, birds won. I blame watching too many Attenborough Docs! Either way a peacock and a hummingbird soon appeared. They're a more realistic style to what I normally do which was extremely refreshing. I'm really happy with how the sketches turned out and hopefully will be getting a few more sketched out and will start painting them soon!
Although I will admit that at the same time I'm also fairly worried that the moment I add paint I'm going to ruin them. I'm planning to use gouache to paint these but at the same time the medium is still very new to me and I haven't painted with anything other than watercolours or realistically for quite a few years.
But I'm never going to find out what will happen unless I try!

Last weekend was also the start of the quickest big project I've ever taken on! And it involved this fella being a model/tart for me.

So thanks to buying a new scanner that has now become one of my favourite things as it saved me at least a day or twos work I managed to finally get to work on my dog zine and after around two days worth of work... it was finished!

Okay so at the same time it almost killed me from sitting at the desk for so long and having to come up with so many ideas in a very short space of time but I did it. 

Holding it in my hand that night after a full insane day of work was the most amazing feeling. A lot of work went in to this little zine, lots of prep and plotting, taking reference pics with Riley (the model) which he was ever so good at. All the training from puppy hood paid off! And of course lots of sketches. Below is a good example of the moment I was buried under 10 illustrations of labradors... 

It was however a lot of fun and the end product is just what I'd planned so I'm not complaining. I'm hoping to get this listed soon and of course I'll also be taking a few copies to Kingdom's Family Craft Fair on the 28th.

I've also finally got myself creating a ratty birthday card! It was a complete struggle to come up with a good idea... in the end I went with balloons... I like balloons.

The design has now been coloured and printed out on to greeting cards that will also be available soon! There's going to be a good Etsy update coming up as I have at least 5 new products!

And on the subject of rats, I decided to update an old favourite of mine.

Time for tea was always one of my favourite designs that I've always been proud of and lately it's been getting a lot of love over in my redbubble shop. It got my attention and I just had to re do the design but with my evolved rat style. I might have to create a then and now post showing the difference in my ratties! I can't believe how much their little simple design has grown. Each style has been adorable but this latest evolution definitely holds my heart. Mainly because they're smiling! :)

Alongside all of that we've had prepping for the craft fair, more designs, forms, estate agents and a fun Hobbycraft trip. It's been a good yet full week and I'm blooming exhausted!

I can't wait to share more of what I've been up to and hopefully I can get even more done with this sudden burst of energy I have but for now! I shall be off to cut out some new prints!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The Ratty Post!

Pet rat portrait commissions are now listed in the shop

Here's something for the rat owners and lovers out there! A custom pet portrait of your little mischief!

I offer both A5 and A4 sizes working from photos of your pets.
Prices are;-

If you're interested or want more information go to my Etsy Shop or to go straight to the listing. If you want to talk things through with me before making your order feel free to contact me through Etsy.

These portraits make great gifts, I've always done pet portraits but the ratties have been the most popular over the past year so I'd like to offer these more clearly.

They're also lots of fun to work on and I've had so many happy customers!

You can also find more ratty gifts and cards over on my Etsy shop and through my Redbubble shop, go check them out!

Have a great day!