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About me


My name is Siobhan Beer and I'm a self taught freelance illustrator and own/run Silly Badger Designs from South West of England.
I work in many different mediums and have become known for my custom pet portraits over the past year along with my more personal work and custom commissions.

I'm completely inspired by the natural world as you'll find looking through my work, I rarely create something that isn't animal or plant based!

I have many goals I want to achieve in life, one of course is to be able to draw pretty pictures for a living, others are owning a dog and finally mastering the skill of baking a brownie that isn't soggy in the centre! I'm much closer to achieving the pretty pictures goal ;)
But for now I live with my wonderful man, own a mischievous hamster called Bear and love the life I live.
Other Facts about Me!
I work in both digital and traditional mediums equally.
I'm a total animal nerd.
I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with drawing/owning birds.
I'm a lot more adventurous than people think.
I make jewellery and origami, sometimes combining the two together.
I'm fascinated by prehistoric life.
I'm rarely seen without nail varnish.
I'm addicted to making origami dragons.
I'm a bit of a dork most of the time.
I love to make people smile :)

Thank you for checking out my blog! You're awesome! ;)

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