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I have had a few people asking me questions lately and instead of replying to them separately I've decided to create this FAQ page. Please read here before contacting me as a question may already be answered. If not feel free to contact me :)

When did you start drawing?
I have always been one of those people who can't help doodling. It sounds cliche but I've been making squiggles since the day I learned to hold a pencil so in answer to that question, from the moment I knew what a pencil could do! I've been drawing almost non stop for most of my life.

Have you taken art classes or did you study art at college/university?
Not really. I had art lessons as part of my secondary school curriculum like many people in the UK but to be honest I learned very little. I've never taken classes in my life and have not officially studied art. I am technically self taught and learned by sitting down and drawing until I felt confident in what I was doing.

Do you have any pets?
Yes! Not as many as I used to but I have a dog, Syrian hamster, dwarf hamster, a gerbil and two budgies :)

Could you draw my pet for free?
I've noticed a lot of artists are being asked this lately including myself. I do not work for free and I don't do this to upset people at all. My work is how I make my money and how I survive. It feeds me, gives me a future. Every piece of work I create takes time and effort. It's not a five minute doodle I don't care about. You need to remember that I am a professional artist/illustrator which means making pictures is my job. By asking me to work for free is like expecting a doctor to work for free.
I'm sorry that this does upset people, I don't mean for that to happen but it's also upsetting when people want something for nothing and get angry when I say a polite no.

Why are your prices so high?
Simple answer here, they're not. I actually have very reasonable prices and being told I over charge is an insult. Every piece of work I create costs money and time and I charge the right amount to cover the costs. If anyone believes my prices are too high please look to fellow artists offering similar things to myself to see that hand crafted does cost more than a mass produced print.

What materials do you use? What brands are your favourite?
I use lots of different materials but my go to sets include Winsor and Newton watercolours, Faber Castell ink pens, Derwent coloured pencils and just lately I've started using Faber Castell polychromos which are a joy to use!

Could you give me tips on how to get better at drawing?
The best advice I can give is to practice. It's the most important part of anything creative. You can't expect to pick up a pencil and be brilliant from the first moment. It took me years of practice to get where I am now but it has been worth every moment.
Also try to work on something you enjoy first, no matter how difficult. If you focus on something you like then you'll have more motivation to do it in the first place.
I spent most of my teens drawing horses because I was a horse nerd. They're one of the toughest things to draw but I did it and I learned so much. It also taught me to not give up and to keep trying.
Believe in yourself, you can do it just like anyone else :)

Do you have an online shop?
I do indeed! I currently have an etsy shop where you can buy my work or order a custom order. You can also order pet portraits from my through there as well!
Go HERE to check it out!

Free Listings?
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I got this deal myself when I first started up and it's probably been one of the biggest helping hands I've ever had so please use this if you're thinking of getting creative yourself.

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