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Monday, 26 February 2018


I've been extremely quiet lately due to working on commissions that I can't actually share! I've had quite a few business/private commissions so all my work is completely hush hush.

I've had very little time to do any real artwork due to ending up doing a lot of admin, lots of updates and fixing those little things that were meant to be fixed some time last year!
However it has been worth it and after a super stressful beginning to the year I feel like I'm finally getting on top of everything and now I'm just busy not super insane busy which is such a relief!

You get super excited when your little business starts doing so well but what you don't think of is how much extra work you have on your hands! The extra work load would have normally been fine but I completely lost my sense of organisation and my planning.
Normally I would have a schedule for the week and stress wouldn't be around but the moment my scheduling ended gosh did I suffer!

So it's such a huge relief to finally be back in control!

But I've done one very small bit of artwork lately, I started a sketchbook recently that is just for fun, something that is nothing to do with work so I can doodle any kind of silly stuff!
And I tried to do a sketch a day which in typical fashion lasted a week!
But it was fun and I'm still sketching as much as possible.

It's weird how when you turn something in to a job you suddenly lose the ability to do it for fun! I found myself doodling in sketchbooks and constantly thinking what design I could do, what greeting card I could come up with, what gift tag designs... oh and what zine I could make next!

I completely lost the ability to draw for fun and for myself. In my defense I actually like most of the work I draw for products which I guess is how I came to lose my ability to draw for myself. It's a weird feeling to draw something that only I'm going to truly appreciate. That only a small handful of people are actually going to see in person.
And the best part, I could draw in a style I used to love and draw something that would probably look rather weird in my shop!
And this is one of the drawings I made!

Mango the dragon!
I used to do a lot of character designs back in the day, I loved to illustrate fun creatures that always seemed so happy! So coming up with Mango was so much fun. I started drawing him originally as a silly doodle of a dragon requested by my OH. 
And then I began to write a little story for Mango, he might not be as big as the other dragons and his wings are too small to fly but he doesn't care. He loves to sunbathe on warm sunny beaches, star gazing on sweet summer evenings and he absolutely loves Mangoes! Unlike other dragons who collect gold and jewels, Mango collects mangoes!

Hopefully I'll be able to keep up drawing for fun and maybe there will even be some more Mango the dragon work!
But for now back to work and back to completing these commissions! And printing more Mothers Day Cards! Thanks for all of the orders! :)

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