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Friday, 8 September 2017

Rat Week at the Badger Den!

So this week I had a few commissions to work on and not much else thanks to me getting all of the Christmas designs sorted last week.

I will admit I felt a bit lost and commissions can be a slow task with the communications that need to happen etc and people get busy so a lot of commission time is spent with the painting in the works waiting to get the customers approval so I was lost on what to do.

I feel like this is the first time in months where I'm actually ahead of everything and ridiculously organised for the near future so this really has been an odd week. Super relaxing and probably what I needed after being so insanely busy but odd.

So as my current commissions are ratty based (I'm having so much fun!) I thought I'd stick with that theme and have a ratty week!
So this week I had a new ratty painting each day so I'm now holding five new designs!

If all goes to plan I will have these illustrations available as A5 and A6 art prints tonight and three originals for sale!

So check out Silly Badger Designs Etsy Shop from Friday evening GMT to find out more!

I haven't had a chance to draw any fun rats for a while now as it's all been very Christmas based so I've loved having this week to take the time and create some adorable paintings! It's been nice and refreshing and broken my art block a bit.

Sometimes you just need to go back to where you started and remind yourself why you're doing this.

Which takes me back to my commissions that I'm also loving at the moment, I'm working with some awesome animal lovers which makes everything that little bit more awesome. I can honestly say right now when it comes to my job I am extremely happy and so grateful for all the opportunities I'm getting along with the love that I'm getting for my work and the new designs recently.

So a HUGE thank you to everyone who's liked stuff, left wonderful feedback, made orders and left sweet reviews that make me all warm and fuzzy inside! You're what make my job worthwhile!

Now I need to head off and get some product photos taken so I'm ready for the uploads later on!
See, I'm in such a good mood I'm not even moaning about the product photos! ;)

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!

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  1. The cutest little rats I've ever seen. I especially love the one just above with the purply blue night sky. Gorgeous!