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Friday, 1 September 2017

Hello September!

How is it September already!?

I'm now starting to feel as though 2017 is being pulled away from me and leaving me behind! Although I will admit I have been able to keep up with so much lately that I've been run off my feet to the point that I will admit to not even knowing what day it is!

But September is here and the Autumn feelings are starting to kick in... so what does that mean?

It means the Christmas Update has happened at Silly Badger Designs

Of course I know this is way too early for most people but I also know there are a few early birds out there that like to get a head start. It also works well for me with listing times etcas I'd prefer not to have Christmas stuff heading over in to 2018!

Oh gosh, did I really mention 2018!?

But anyway! There are lots of new shiny goodies over in the shop now for you to browse through, many are ratty related and some are just damn cute!

You may recognise a couple of designs including this one! Of course this is one of my favourites and now comes with it's own 3D red ribbon on the top. 

This is the first time I've had Christmas designs available through Etsy as last year I just ran out of time so I'm quite excited and proud that I managed to get this all done!

Running Silly Badger Designs has been such a full on adventure and one big learning platform, I've learned so much about business and art but at the same time I'm learning so much about myself.
A year ago I wouldn't have believed I could've been this organised!
A year ago I would've expected Christmas stuff to start popping up around late November or not at all!

So this has been a massive boost on all sides and I'm very excited to release it today!

So go enjoy some early festivities or grumble at me which is more likely!

As I've been ending every instagram post that includes anything with Christmas in it... I'm so sorry! :P

I'm now hoping to spend the first weekend of September resting and chilling out after not having a weekend off in over a month!

And then on with commissions! (pet portraits are still open!) 

Have a great weekend and happy September!

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