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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Pet Portraits and Etsy Update announcement

It's approaching that time of year, Autumn and September are just around the corner and that's when things start getting busy for me!
I want to post this here for anyone who's interested in a pet portrait in the near future after my experiences last year.
I'm still offering pet portraits, they're still at £25 for A5 and £35 for A4, for more information please go here
I've found it's better to get your order in earlier rather than later for any orders even Christmas orders that seem far away right now and especially if you're not in the UK.
I don't want anyone not receiving orders in time for certain dates.

But that's not me saying get your orders in now, just bear in mind that it's better to get custom orders to me by the end of October/mid November to guarantee it will be delivered.

And on that slightly festive note... oh gosh the joys of running a small art business!

My Christmas products are going to be going live on September 1st! Yes, a  week tomorrow! This is mainly for anyone who wants to be super organised and so that Christmas products don't go in to 2018, I'd rather not have cards and decorations hanging around in February!

And yes, this year unlike last year where I was running extremely late and didn't really know what I was doing I have lots of products planned!
I have a variety of cards, some gift tags (one set is featured above!) and some tree decorations going live next Friday and there's a part of me that is super duper excited by this even though it's still very warm and sunny outside and I'm still wishing I could go sit on a beach for an afternoon in the sun and relax.

I'm now in full glitter and winter mode! That's what happens when you spend two days solid working on Christmas products!

So next week will be full of printing and packing products and taking those annoying product pictures before the update goes live!
I feel like I'm going to be working over this bank holiday weekend!

Hope everyone is having a glorious summer!

Remember custom orders are always welcome! 
You can also find me on:-

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