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Monday, 5 June 2017

Bear Cushions

As many of you know, I'm an artist on Redbubble where I sell most of my designs, you can get them printed on many products from clothing to phone cases to notebooks and cushions and many many more!

A while back when I first finished my moon and sun bear designs my mum wanted them on cushions for her bedroom so bought one of each.

And here they are!

I meant to make a post about these when they first arrived but I had so many other things come up that I completely forgot.
Now I want to say I am not being payed or bribed to say anything good about redbubble themselves. I have been a member/artist on there for over two years now and it's been a fantastic experience for me.
But if there was anything crap I wouldn't be against letting the world know.

Firstly these cushion covers are printed on both sides, something redbubble don't make very clear but they really should as it's a big selling point for me. I was shocked at the double print and at the quality of the fabric. They're not rough fabric but it's sturdy enough to take a beating.
The designs themselves also came out beautifully, much better than I was expecting as at the time I was seriously doubting whether I'd done these well enough. They are however fantastic and I had nothing to fret over!


The bright greens and blues came out perfectly on Moon Bear, she is also perfectly clear and really does look like a painting on the fabric. I've given them both a faint lilac tint for their backgrounds and it really seems to make them pop.


And of course the bright yellows and oranges on sun bear really showed up well giving her a bright yet calm look, again looking like I'd done the painting straight on to the fabric.

I will admit... sun bear is actually my favourite of the two! Shush, don't tell moon bear!

It was so nice to see this design come to life and printed on something other than an art print, not that the art prints are bad but they aren't as much fun as something you can squish and cuddle up to whilst reading a book or watching a film.

All in all I can highly recommend redbubbles cushions as they're a good quality and a good price with reasonable shipping and delivery.

If you're interested in either of these designs you can go to my Redbubble shop here to find them on a variety of fun products. 

Or you can go directly to my Etsy shop here where you can get your paws on art prints and bookmarks with this design.

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