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Thursday, 9 March 2017


We're well in to March now and everything's going at a crazy speed! Silly Badger Designs has had a bit of an update including a few more greeting cards including this design that you may have already seen as it's been available through my redbubble shop for a while now!

The other big woohoo for this update is that my sun and moon bears are finally available as prints!! This has been a long project that's used nearly every material and skill I have to get them looking great and I'm so happy with them. You can now buy them as art prints through my Etsy Shop or you can get them on many different products through myRedbubble Shop!

In other news, preparations for the stall in April have been coming along both fast and slowly and when I say that I mean all the stuff that I need to buy/get other people to print is all going really speedy and all the stuff that I need to get done is going fairly slowly. There's a tiny bit of panic at the back of my mind but I'm putting that down to first time nerves. If I didn't get them I wouldn't be human! 
So here's a little peek at the flyers and business cards I got printed recently by who are my go to company for any of my printing needs that I can't do myself.

I was a bit nervous that they might come out dodgy as I hadn't worked on the design for too long but in the end I'm really happy with how it came out! And of course we're covered in badgers, the back of the flyer has the same badger design as the business card.

I basically have most of the pieces I need to actually package things and display things well, I just have three little jobs to get finished and once they're done I just have to get stock printed up which shouldn't bee too difficult.
The three last bits include making bunting for the front of the stall, yes I probably will curse myself for wanting to do this! :P 
Making a bunch of foldable business cards that people can just pick up, this is another random idea that I've had for a while which I'm completely winging it over! 
And finishing a stamp of my logo... lets just say that I couldn't really afford the size stamp I wanted so I decided to lino cut my own logo, words and all... I have only done lino cutting twice before this, two very small basic things so in my usual way I just jumped right in to the deep end! I know there's a chance I will mess it up and it's in no way going to be perfect but it's going to be stamped on to paper bags... It really does not need to be perfect!

So I have that all going on this week which is lots of fun! The best thing of all I have to admit though has been seeing my first hover flies, honey bee and bumble bee, that has topped anything else this week because nature knows best and this means that spring is on its way!
And I'm super excited to see everything come back to life!

Right, I now have to get going and get some work done! Have a great day!

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