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Friday, 3 March 2017

Silly Badger Announcement!

So yes, I've been mentioning this for the past week, I even posted my overwhelmed ramblings as I applied to do this having so much trouble keeping it secret but here goes!

I am very super duper excited to announce that Silly Badger Designs will be attending Kingdom's Family Craft Fair in Warminster town park on Sunday the 2nd of April!!

My badgery self will be there with lots of fun illustrations and products and a big smile to greet anyone who can make it!

This is a massive deal for me as this was my number one goal for this year for Silly Badger, I wanted to actually sell at a fair of some kind, face to face with people instead of hiding behind a screen, I do miss a lot of interaction with this job and it will be wonderful to meet other sellers!

This did spring out of nowhere for me and I don't have much time to prepare which is why I had my initial panic at the beginning but now I've calmed down and I'm seeing this as a super fun project/adventure and so far it's going really well! It's amazing how many little things you need to take in to account for something like this but I am loving every second of this.
Apparently I really do love running my little business!

So as you can see I am very excited to be taking Silly Badger Designs to the next level and am very excited to get my products out in the to wilds of Wiltshire! Actually Warminster is a very nice town and hopefully the day will be nice and sunny to make things even more fun!

So there's my announcement! And now I will be posting weekly posts about getting ready! Hopefully it will go smoothly, I know there will be some hiccups though, there are always hiccups!

As always thanks for reading and being awesome!! 

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