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Monday, 23 January 2017

Shop Update!

Yes! Silly Badger Designs has had an update!

Okay, so I might be a little over excited about that fact but it's a fun update! Trust me! I've uploaded various new products that are all available to buy now!

First I'll talk about the new art prints, first is my Mama Bear Art Print!

I've been meaning to make prints of her for years now, I've just never had the quality materials to do her justice but now thanks to Beast (my printer) and some amazing paper stock I can finally make these prints and they just make me so happy! I love them and they're so crisp and clear, they were well worth the wait!

Then there's the new set of A6 prints, my Happy Hens Art Prints!

These are based on some original illustrations I did over the last few weeks, I decided as my chickens tend to be fairly popular at times that I would actually make them in to small prints! You get the choice of four colours or you can buy the four together.

Now that's the art prints out of the way, the next couple of items may include sappy love stuff... because yes, here are Silly Badger Designs first Valentines day products!

First I'll start with one I've already posted about, my Needle Felted Heart Rat Brooches!

These were so much fun to make but they were so time consuming I only have limited stock of 6 ratties for sale! Of course these would make great gifts for anyone who loves their ratties!

And on the theme of rats...

The next product is something fun, my You Make Me Boggle Valentines Card!

The product that is more popular than I could've ever expected, I sold one of these within 30 minutes of them being listed! This design is fun with a bit of inside humour for anyone who knows/owns rats. Boggling is something rats do when they're happy, they grind their teeth and wiggle their eyeballs which is of course funny to watch. It's basically a rats version of a cats purr! So if someone makes you boggle, they make you very happy! :P

A personal favourite, inspired by my own labrador and boss, Riley. I'd origianlly planned for the labrador to be holding the heart in his mouth and then I got a little carried away annd drew all of those flowers and leaves! I do prefer this design though, even if it was a lot more work than originally planned!

So there you have it, my little shop update that I've been promising for so long! I got there at last! :P

Have a great day!

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