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Friday, 27 January 2017

Commissions, boggles, birds and bears!

Well this week has been a big one! A big enjoyable one even though I'm now left feeling like I'm going down with a nasty cold today! I'm currently burried under a soft fleece with my scarf on to keep my throat warm!

Anyway! This week I had some fun commissions including a pet rat commission that I can't show yet, it was lots of fun even though I had to change my style slightly which was a bit scary! It went well and that will get posted out on Monday hopefully!

I've also been printing off a lot of these guys! and more are still to come early next week as I've had even more orders! Thank you to everyone who has bought one already! I really wasn't expecting them to get the love they've received. I'm loving how many people are boggling with happiness out there! :P 
I've also found the perfect card to print my cards on now, it's absolutely perfect and I love it. Yes I'm going to gush over card but after the hunt I've been on to find decent card it's like I've won the lottery finding this stuff! It's really tough and strong, smudge and UV proof and the print comes out super clear!
So if you buy from me in future know that there was an insane amount of work that went in to that print!

Today was the first day of the week that I had a bit of time to myself so I found myself so I did a little warm up painting... It wasn't meant to be anything big, just a quick paint doodle to get me ready for real work... it then turned in to a lot more!

I probably spent too much time and effort on this little "doodle" but the work paid off as I absolutely love him! If you don't know, my favourite British bird is the little goldfinch, I love nothing more than watching them flit around happily in the trees.
He started of as a little watercolour splat and then turned in to something so much better. I'm even considering making prints of him next week!

And to finish, I got started on my bears, properly this time! I really hope they will be available as prints next week!
This is just a little preview, she looks a lot better than this now! Both bears are out of the ugly stage which makes me happy!

So that's this week, sorry it's a bit rushed and bleh, I really am starting to feel rough so time to go hide on the sofa and take a break from work!
Have a great weekend!

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