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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Heart Rats and Bears

Well I've been spending most of my time lately doing paperwork and working on some new products for Valentines day.
Now before anyone jumps on me, I quite like Valentines day, this is from someone who was single most of her life! I've had 4 years with somebody to love on Valentines day (Queen ref, of course!) but all those other years when I didn't I always used it as an excuse to treat myself every year. I never felt like I needed someone else to give me something sweet XD but then again I'm a weird one. I love any chance to express your feelings whether it's to someone else or yourself.
Like it or hate it, that's you're own opinion and this is mine and oh I'm gonna be ever so annoying and hearts everywhere! ;)

Now that's out of the way!

I've been working on needle felting some little rat brooches.

I love how they've come out! They're slightly based on my own little heart rat, Rufus so they are quite special. I'm hoping to make a limited batch of 10 to sell around the Valentine season. They'd make perfect gifts for any rat lover! Or even where your heart rat with pride to support such an awesome animal!

I'm also working on three valentines day cards, two of which with rats that I guess only rat owners would really understand, boggling and dumbo may be involved! I'm hoping to get these designs sorted by the end of the week but I also have some commissions at the moment which take priority obviously!

And finally, after I got a bit of interest in my Mama Bear illustration I've decided to make prints of her available! These will be available by the end of the week if all goes to plan. I will admit the prints have come out amazing and I'm very proud of them.

I'm hoping to finish my Moon Bear and Sun Bear paintings soon too which will also be available in prints!

I'm hoping life will start to calm down now and settle in to 2017! Hope you're having a good one so far! 

I'm now absolutely shattered so time to go curl up and relax for a few hours!

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