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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Getting Featured and Other Such Fun!

This Tuesday something happened. Something that made me eep lots and bounce around buzzing for the rest of the day. On Tuesday I got an email to inform me that one of my designs was going to be featured on the Redbubble Homepage I was excited enough at the thought of that but when I actually went to check it out I found something even more incredible.

I was a featured artist of the day!! I honestly couldn't believe my eyes to begin with. The excitement was so strong I was literally eeping away to myself and probably worrying our neighbours.
So a massive thank you to Redbubble and whoever chose my ratty faces design. You brought a lot of joy to a very very tedious week for me.

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This week has been a bit manic with many orders coming in on Monday (not complaining, keep 'em coming!) a fairly big cat commission and Christmas cards for family... AKA my mother wants my designs on her cards this year! So it's fairly hectic and there have been some very big low moments this week with my personal life so I'm clinging on to all the good that's happening!

I have however been taking time out to do some more personal work, last night I had some rubbish news and decided to sit down and just draw. This moon bear appeared.

I'm actually really proud of this piece and I'm hoping to turn her in to something more soon. It's very different to my usual style but then again lately I've been realising that having a style isn't a good thing. I'll go further in to this in a later post but basically, I'm trying my hardest not to have a set style and to just draw whatever I want. I really like the magical element I've added to this sketch and I'm wanting to add some colourful plants around her where I've done the scruffy leaf shapes. So hopefully if I get the time I can do some more work on her.

And in other news, the gingerbread dinosaurs have returned for another year! It's become a little tradition of mine to make massive herds of gingerbread dinosaurs everything December. I'm looking forward to making more over the next couple of weeks!

Thank you to everyone who has ordered from me in the past couple of weeks! You're awesome and I hope you love your orders as much as I loved making them!

Happy December!

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