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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Commissions Make Me Happy

So I've had a few custom commissions over the past few months and they've all been great, everyone that I've worked with has been amazing and extremely helpful.

But there was one that really touched me. I got asked to do a personalised pet portrait of a rat for someone who had very recently lost their little buddy.
Having had many rats over the years, some who have affected my life in big ways who I remember almost on a daily basis I know how close we get to these little guys.
They might be small but they offer so much love and affection, you get so attached and unfortunately they don't have a long lifespan.
I know the pain of losing these amazing animals, it feels like there's something missing and can be so painful.

So when I was asked to paint Puck the rat I jumped at the chance!

He looked so much like one of my last rats, a rat who was my best little pal it was in it's own way a bit of therapy.

But the most amazing part was a while after I'd sent the painting to its new home I received a message from the lady who bought him thanking me and telling me that he was now framed and sat on a bedside table. I'm not embarrassed to say I actually got tears in my eyes from making someone happy. 

I've recently gotten some great feedback recently from customers, all very good and very kind and I cannot express how happy this makes me. Sure I sell for money, I do need to eat and live but the biggest reason for me is to make people smile.
There's so much rubbish in the world I want to make it a better place by giving people little packets of happiness.
So hearing back from customers is the icing on the cake for me, I get to hear how happy people are with something I've created with my own hands.

I'm hoping to do a few more pet commissions involving rats next year, I love drawing them so any excuse is a good excuse and I know when it comes to rat owners, we blooming love our little mischiefs! 

If you're interested in a ratty commission please get in touch via my Etsy shop HERE

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