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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

So Far So Much Fun!

We went to the WOODS!

My little Ry has been sick over the past week so we decided to take him to the woods to cheer him up a little bit. Funny, it gave him a full recovery! Who says nature isn't good for you! :P
We had a nice long walk through the trees, enjoying the fresh air and Riley got to have a good romp around the place. We even ended on a big high and he got to go splashing around his favourite pond.

In typical labrador fashion he can't get enough of water and loves to hunt out lots of sticks and just anything he can retrieve from the water. He doesn't really do this too much normally but he was so buzzy over feeling healthy again that he seemed to be making the most of every moment!
He also has a habit of trying to find the biggest stick to bring back to the shore... it's normally a branch of some kind but this time he found a tiny log under the water... it wasn't light and I'm sure his neck and jaw must have been killing him!

Yesterday I also sent my half of the art swap off to New Zealand! This is the first thing I've sent there so it was quite exciting if not nerve wracking at the post office when I found I'd miscalculated costs and had to use many 5ps! I also forgot to take pictures of the finished paintings... oops! This is all I have of one of them!

I really enjoyed working on these and it gave me more ideas for future paintings I could work on in the future!

I've also begun work on the dog zine I mentioned in my previous post, I feel like I have a good idea for each section after scribbling down many ideas in the messiest way possible but I do have a little sketch here of a sneak peek of what's to come!

It's only a rough sketch but I'm pleased with the style I'm using, it's a bit different to my rats and chickens but I feel it works better and I can get more emotion across this way.
So I'm hoping to start more work on that over the next few days.

And my little blue tits now have their blue background!

I'm still not sure how this will turn out once they're painted themselves, it could be a disaster or it could turn out awesome, we shall see. I am planning on the birds themselves being a bit more vibrant than the background so that could work out well.

This week has definitely had a fun, interesting start! I feel like it's the end of the week and have to keep reminding myself that it's actually only Tuesday! Tuesday! How is that possible!
Today is mostly being taken up with printing, Beast (my printer) is probably going to hate me by the end of the day and after the email I've just received I may end up being murdered by said printer at some point!
I've got a few orders to print out today along with some festive fun that may or may not include glitter glue... come on everything is more fun with glitter! 
Yes I am one of those people... one of those people obsessed with using as much sparkle as possible!

I'm also working on my chicken commission too so it's all going well!

Although I'm definitely planning on breaking work up with a little trip to the pet shop to buy Bear (our hamster) a warm bed as it's starting to get a little bit chilly now that autumn seems determined to turn in to winter!

Have a great week!

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