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Friday, 18 November 2016

I Love My Customers

I really do.

When I first started my Etsy shop and started offering personalised work I will admit I was absolutely terrified of not doing things good enough for people or having people get annoyed at me for getting things wrong.
I really was terrified.

I really didn't need to be.

All of my customers have been so utterly wonderful! Every single one and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be working with such wonderful people.

I'm not meaning to be all sappy, to be fair I'm a very sappy person a lot of the time so I guess maybe I am meaning to be but either way, I just feel this big warm glow over the people I've met through my work in the past year, including the artists in this community! (New future post about my amazing art swap coming soon!)
I feel so very humble right now and so happy!

This week has been a very crazy one, it's involved lots of ups and downs but there has been a constant amount of happy that has kept us all going.
Silly Badger Designs has been fairly busy with lots of orders and commissions popping up which is wonderful! Thank you to everyone who has made an order!

My poor pup Riley however has been quite ill, poor little dude is currently on antibiotics so hopefully that will make him feel better.
I'll be off to the pet shop soon to buy him some peanut butter chocolate (dog friendly of course!) because who doesn't need a pick me up when they've been feeling ill!

My latest commission is super exciting too. I will be doing a portrait of two gorgeous greyhounds! I've wanted an excuse to draw this breed for years and now I finally have it! So I've been sketching rough ideas for that and working with the client who has been wonderful!
We've decided on the design so now I just need to transfer the design to watercolour paper! As usual I can't post anything as it's a commission and a gift so I prefer to keep it secret but it's looking good so far!

We also went to town yesterday and made some friends... they weren't impressed when we didn't have any quack snacks for them!

In typical me fashion I had to get up close and make friends, maybe next time we'll take them some food.

So yes, the craziest of weeks so far! I will be glad for a nice relaxing day maybe next weekend, we're still ridiculously busy! 
But now it's time to finish packing up orders and set off for the post office and the pet shop!

Have a great weekend!

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