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Monday, 21 November 2016

Art Swap with The Painting Fox!

If you've read any of my recent posts you'll know that I was asked if I wanted to do an art swap with another artist.
I've always wanted to do one so I jumped at the chance, I love to make things for people so this was the perfect excuse.

I made some ratty paintings, unfortunately I completely forgot to take the finished photos of them so I can't actually post them! And I received a pet portrait of my gorgeous boy and a cute Tui greeting card.

When they arrived I couldn't have been more excited, I was like a kid at Christmas and when I saw the artwork I was blown away.
I've followed Kayla (thepaintingfox) for a while now and always loved her artwork but seeing it in person was just so much better, the portrait of Riley is just so damn perfect, it has his expression perfect and of course being a bird nerd, having a painting of a New Zealand bird was awesome.
I'm hoping to frame both at some point!

Kayla is a brilliant artist and a wonderful person, go check out her work and her Etsy shop, she is a joy to work with and does amazing pet portraits! Here are a few links to find her!

I can promise you won't be disappointed! ;)

Thanks for an amazing art swap Kayla! I've loved every bit of it!

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