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Monday, 7 November 2016

1 Week of November

So far and so good! I haven't gone down with the plague!

Instead however I find myself enjoying these gorgeous auntum/winter days. I'm not sure if I can really call them autumn as it's become seriously cold already! As I write I'm currently tucked up underneath a blanket and my hands and nose are like little blocks of ice!
I can't complain though when the natural world suddenly looks so beautiful. Dog walks have become rather stunning.

November has brought a bit of its own busy times which has been gratefully received. Sometimes when you've had a rough time you just want to bury yourself in work and everything else so the sudden amount of work I've gained is great. I did however do something very unlike me. 
Up until now even though I've been busy it's been at a level where I can keep track of it all by memory, since November began I realised I might need a little bit of help to keep on top of everything. So I did the unthinkable. I bought a planner! Well to be fair it was a blank notebook I spent time turning in to a planner. 
The scary thing is, in the past I've bought myself planners and try to get busy but there's never much to put in them to the point that I start adding random things just to make it look healthier and not be so depressing! Trust me there is nothing more depressing than a blank planner... it makes you feel like you have a blank life!
So this time as I started filling things out I found myself running out of space on some days and having to carefully space everything out, it's strange yet wonderful to realise that I suddenly have a lot to do.
When you're self employed and work in the art/craft business you can feel like you're getting nowhere which can be pretty rubbish. So a blank planner is never nice to see.
I seem to have reached a certain point where suddenly I have lots going on.
It makes me tremendously happy!

So as you can imagine, I am busy right now... and I don't think I've entered the christmas rush yet!

This week included a small bit of adding new stock, my chicken bookmarks were starting to get a bit low so it was time to get a few more hens on the go. I always love seeing my products come to life, every print (that comes out right) is a wonderful experience, I still haven't gotten over that yet. I hope I never get over that!
One of the bookmarks even made her way to America this week!

And on the subject of chickens, I also have a new commission of another hen! I never thought my little hens would be this popular! 
This time it's a larger hen on her own and she's going to have an interesting look going on. As this is work for someone else to use I can't really post too much. All I can say is I'm absolutely loving this process. 

So this is the base sketch for her. I'm still a bit unsure, she looks maybe a little too thin for a hen and maybe a little bit too upright so I'm going to play around with her a little bit more before sending her off to the client. Sometimes sketches go right first time and others there's just something about them that seems off. Unfortunately you can't always see what's actually off!

I'm going to be finishing off my Christmas designs this week, Christmas is going to be sorted by the end of the week if everything goes to plan and now I have my fancy planner I think I can say it will be sorted. Yes. I'm going to be positive!
There may also be a few surprise items added this week. I will let you know later this week when the shop update happens, I'm planning for Thursday!

I also have an art swap! I've always seen people doing them and always thought they were awesome. I've never actually done one myself though so when I was asked if I wanted to do one I jumped at the chance! I'm super excited! It' will be a nice bit of fun to add to November!

When it comes to writing I've also hit the 10K mark which I wasn't expecting to manage! So I'm going to say November is definitely turning in to a much better month than October!

Remember you don't have long to order Pet Commissions! So get in touch if you're interested!

Have a great week!

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