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Monday, 12 September 2016

Catch Up and The Busiest Week!

But to start with! Silly Badger went green!

It's taken me a good couple of months to properly decide what I wanted to do to my hair as I've just been so boring lately! So I decided to do something I'd never done before and went green! And I'm loving my new colourful hair! 

I know I haven't caught up with a lot of the stuff I mentioned last entry but last week was completely insane and I was stressed out of my little mind. Luckily I'm now back on track but basically, nothing much work wise happened last week apart from some sketching and bits.
This week however I'm going to be catching up on everything, from my little to do list I have a lot to get done!

The autumn ish weather has also been distracting me! I've been walking Riley with my OH lately and we've been finding conkers already!

I have a bit of an obsession with Autumn when it comes around, there's just something so glorious about the crisp freshness of the world! and I get super excited when I'm able to get my winter boots out! What can I say, I'm a simple badger!

But on to this week, I've spent the morning coming up with some Christmas card designs which are coming along nicely and a few autumn inspired works which are kind of secret for now, they will soon be revealed though!
Due to popular demand I will also be re-stocking the happy hens greeting card! I didn't realise these ladies would be so popular so keep an eye out for those and another hen inspired design.

The blog, my redbubble shop and my website are going to getting a big clean up and update this week too, I've neglected them recently so it's about time I started to give them some TLC.

I'm also hoping to get some fun originals painted this week and finally get some prints made! I can't put in to words how insane it's been trying to find a decent type of paper to make my prints with... I've ended up spending way more than I'd originally planned which has been a bit of a pain but I think I've finally hit the jackpot with my current papers so hopefully by the end of this week the will be some beautiful art prints available through my etsy shop!

Speaking of new products! Something that did happen last week!

I got my bookmarks listed! They're come out beautifully and would make awesome gifts for book lovers everywhere. If you're interested go to my etsy shop and have a look around!

I'm actually super excited right now as so many things are going on and the doors are finally opening to some big exciting possibilities for me!
I just have to tidy up a bit first :P
My anxiety did do a number on me last week and I got very sick from the adrenaline levels, I started getting weird symptoms that in turn lead to me panicking more and adding health problems to my list of worries but I seem to have gotten over it at last after a few very good nights of sleep which have been glorious! I'm now feeling high on life and ready to roll! I know it's mainly the buzz of I'm alive again and it will fade but for now I'm running with it and making the most of every moment which means that over the next few weeks lots could happen. Or at least that's the plan!

So here's to a super exciting week filled with smiles, laughter, productivity and colourful awesomeness! :D Have a great week!

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