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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Pet Commissions!

One of my favourite things to work on! And of course I love seeing your pets and hearing about their wonderful personalities!

Now I know pet commissions are quite popular as Christmas gifts so I want to get this out of the way now!

If you're wanting a Pet Portrait done by me you need to get your orders in soon! The earlier you make your order the more likely you are to get it in time.

If you're not in the UK I need to have your order by Thursday 24th November.

If you're in the UK I need to have your order by Monday 5th December.

These dates will ensure that I have enough time to create your order and dispatch it in time to arrive before Christmas.

You can either order through my Etsy shop by clicking here or if you'd prefer not to use Etsy and you're from the UK you can order directly through me by contacting me here (You'll need to pay via paypal or bank transfer if you choose this option)

Price List

6 X 4 inches - £15.00 
A5 - £35.00
A4 - £45.00
A4 with 2 pets - £50.00
A4 pet collage - £54.00

Prices do not include Postage, this is calculated to your location and what size portrait you choose.

I will draw/paint any pet from stick insects to ponies, you just need to send me at least one good image of your pet (more if it has specific patterns) and tell me how you'd like them to look. We can then work together on a design.

I also offer vouchers for a pet commission. These are the same price as the commission itself, just ask for a voucher in the comments when ordering or contact me directly to discuss this. 

So if you're interested get in touch!

Have a great day!

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