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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Fresh August Mornings!

Can I take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous summer morning we experienced this morning! When seeing my OH off this morning I was stood in the doorway and the sky was a brilliant bright blue, the sun was out and the air was so fresh! It was beautiful to just bask in the glory of nature... in my pjs and hoody because I'm ever so classy like that! ;)

I'm saving my final bird challenge post until later this week as I only have tomorrows bird to go before the challenge is complete. I can happily say that I have managed to draw a bird each and every day of this month!

Today I have already been running around like a headless chicken trying to get things sorted as this week is a fairly intensive week for me!
I have a commission to get inked, painted and sent off to its new home and my Etsy shop is also going to be flooded with some new products!
Yes, new products!

I was hoping to include some art prints this week but unfortunately the paper I bought to print on has turned out to be a bit rubbish if I'm to be perfectly honest! So I'm currently looking in to different printer paper to use. I'm not too impressed as the paper I had bought was expensive and designed for art prints but when used with beast it just looks so bad, the colours are darker and the whole quality of the print is slightly fuzzy.
However I do know paper that works brilliantly, it's just a matter of buying it which I'm never good with... paper can be so pricey!

But back to the new products! I'm hoping to have 3 new products up by this evening, these include bookmarks, keyrings and gift tags! and by the end of the week I'm hoping to have some Christmas products available and the return of my hen cards.

I'm hoping to get the product images sorted out this afternoon but for now here's a sneak peak at the bookmarks!

I've been getting so excited over all of these lately and it's been killing me that I couldn't finish them quicker but at last we're there! I will do another post later featuring all of the new products and all the new fun stuff that's happening!

In other news our hamster has taken to waking us both up at 6 in the morning by chewing loudly on his tubes, he's never done this before but has recently found the joy of pinging his teeth loudly against the plastic, we're both just laying there begging him to stop XD I miss my gerbils!
My plant obsession is also growing... I tend to have these fairly cheap obsessions that are basically my buzz... and plants have joined the group.
When I lived with my parents I had a tiny bedroom that was jam packed with my life and silly badger designs but now I actually life with my partner in a house where I have many rooms to play with I've kind of gotten over excited. I now have 11+ plants! I just can't help it... especially when they're going cheap and look like they need tlc. My latest addition had been put aside in the sale and hadn't been watered in ages... so I'm a soft touch... this is why I can't go to any animal shelter!
But I have filled the house with lots of green and life and there's nothing wrong with that :P My carnivores are also doing pretty well after the move and their pot/soil changes... poor babies went through as much stress as I did! 

I think I'm finally getting there even though I am also ridiculously stressed right now and my health issues are kicking up a fuss. It's making everything a struggle but the fact that I am continuing and working hard is making me feel super proud of myself and proving that I can beat anything that tries to get in my way!

Now before I start to ramble I'm going to leave it at that and go get these product images sorted and get the new products listed!
I'm also going to go see this goofball and give him lots of cuddles and smooshes!

Have a great day!

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