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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Dog Hairs in my Watercolours

And I'm not even joking... The joys of owning a chunky, fluffy and very mischievous choccie lab... he gets his fur in everything no matter how hard you try to keep it out. I actually believe it's impossible to keep his fur away from my materials!
But opening my watercolour set this morning and finding fur everywhere left me turning to look at the smug looking mutt and poking my tongue out... it made me feel better... he just continued to grin.

Well as you can imagine with the above image, I got my paints out today, the first time in a very long time and oh did it feel so wonderful. Even if they were hairy. 
I had a very full on morning and previous night with lots of things trying to tear me down so once I'd sorted everything out I decided that instead of doing my usual business stuff on the laptop I would actually, you know... do my job and illustrate!

This little set up was my studio for the day. It doesn't look like much for studio space but I'm a little bit quirky when it comes to working. I have a desk and everything and yet I prefer working on the floor or my bed cross legged with all my stuff surrounding me. It usually means a studio space for me is made up of two sketchbooks and whatever materials I'm using that day.
Today I had one sketchbook with the rough idea sketches I've come up with recently, the other is my watercolour sketchbook for the final illustration and then of course my paints and brushes.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been working on a capybara illustration. Today I decided to take the rough idea and make it in to something.

He's currently in the ugly stages. Once upon a time I used to hate the ugly stage, so much so that I threw out a lot of work because I just couldn't see them getting any better. I was very wrong. Every piece goes through an ugly stage, I guess you can say that about everything really. But if you keep going and persist with your idea you will suddenly start to see it come to life. You will see in my next post when this guy and his little bird companion are finished!
This design was inspired after watching a bird documentary that showed the bond between birds and mammals, of course the capybara was a featured mammal but then again from what I've seen most animals want to be friends with the capybaras! 
Except jaguars... Jaguars want them on toast with jam.

Next is probably one of my favourite designs of this year...

My little Meeko raccoon giving a high five! (Yes for any Disney fan, he is named after the raccoon in Pocahontas) I just started doodling a few weeks back when I was going through the art block and this little guy just came to be from a few random scribbles on the page. I loved his design so much but ever since I've been too scared to actually make a real illustration of the little guy! I have the habit of drawing really good rough sketches but when it comes to actually drawing them out bigger and properly I can never get the same look and they lose something that made them special. This has been so bad sometimes that a lot of my favourite designs have been stuck in sketchbooks because no matter how hard I try I just can't recreate that special something.
But with Meeko, it worked perfectly! There was a massive sigh of relief once I'd sketched the little dude out and saw that if anything, he's become even more adorable in this sketch. The watercolours also worked brilliantly and it gave me a good excuse to use my beloved Paynes Grey... 
I'm someone who loves colours, a lot but when it comes to paints, the one colour that gets replaced most in this watercolour set is paynes grey! 
So yay for fun excuses to have a little fun!
I really shouldn't get so excited over grey paint... ;)

So as you can see, so far this week has been very busy! And as I'd originally gathered it would be, June has turned in to one big massive amount of crazy! 
I'm not gonna lie, I have been a total mess this month, especially for the last few days. I'm not gonna act like I'm Wonder Woman, I do wish I could have that power but alas I am simply... a human XD So yes, I have been an emotional mess and I've been beating myself up for being weak. I guess I'm just taking control of everything and just hoping that things will work out. I mean they will work out but, work out in the yay way. That would be nice!
I will be honest, I cannot wait until July. Fingers crossed for a nice easy chilled out July, me and my man bloody deserve it after everything we've gone through over the last few months! Phew!

But on the bright side, I'm completely in control of Silly Badger Designs and I'm very excited to be working on new designs and future products! I have some very exciting plans coming up soon!

Have a great week, I wish you lots of smiles and raccoon high fives :)

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