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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Fun and a Capybara

You know when life just throws a big pile of cow doodoo your way... yeah that. I have this sense of feeling that fate is currently sitting on my shoulder and sniggering to itself. I see fate as being a mischievous little creature that likes to play sneaky little games with people... fate likes to watch people squirm. Fate is currently sitting on my shoulder and poking me so much I have a headache.

Okay so maybe I'm over reacting here... but I do have the headache! I currently feel like my head is in a vice which is not adding any sugar to my coffee! We're barely in to June and yet everything has gone crazy!

But one thing I have learned from my dog mostly is to take a deep breath and roll around on your back until you're happy again! Or you know, just keep going ;)

So I threw myself in to my work this week and have been coming up with lots of designs including a very happy capybara and his bird buddy going on an adventure! I'm trying to post process pics up on instagram to show how I work from an idea to a finished piece. (Unfortunately the images are a bit rubbish but bear with me this week!)
So here you have the first draft sketches. When I work on an idea I will go to a search engine of some kind (although lately it's been pinterest!) and just look at loads of images of the subject I plan to work on. In this case of course it was the capybara. After I feel fairly confident I will then sit down and quickly sketch out roughs and ideas for poses etc. This is what you see in the image below!

That then turns in to this!

This is still a small rough sketch to work from but I've chosen the whole look and pose for the design so now I can move on to the final design. I have yet to get to that stage yet as I instead spent today planting glorious flowers and watching a small mouse play about in the garden stealing bird seed! I'm hoping to have this guy sketched out soon though, It's also given me an idea for another capybara based design that I want to work on soon.
I know I'm working on some wacky things at the moment but they make me happy and I'm hoping they'll make others happy too ;)

It's always good when the ideas start flowing! Especially after an art block, the moment your mind gets filled with ideas it's like a eureka moment as your muse returns. I just have the joy of finding the time at the moment! phew June is all go go go!!

Again I apologise for the bad images, my camera battery has died and I took these pictures late at night so the lighting is horrifying and dull. So the joy of fuzzy pictures with increased contrast! Woo!

I'm hoping to get more designs going this week even though it's a bit hectic here. So I guess now time for me to hop off to my happy place and get to work!

Have a great day!

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