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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Juggling June

Well June, what can I say other than you were a ridiculously tough and insane month with lots of work and just pure insanity!

On the bright side I have actually moved in with my partner and it's so very awesome! Which has meant that work has been a bit slow lately.
So this weekend was filled with lugging around lots of furniture and stuff around and then turning a mountain of stuffs in to a home. We managed it in less than three days! I'm super impressed with us and what we managed and I'm so in love with our new home!

In work news lots got painted and roughed out, including my capybara painting shown above! I also got a new pet commission which has me really excited and I can't wait to get started on that properly! More pupsters to draw is always awesome and leaves me very happy.
Lots of ideas have also occurred this month so if all goes to plan and I get set up in the new house I can get working on some new products very soon!

The only problem I have until next week is that I have no internet connection which has been very annoying for work. I'm enjoying not being so fixated on my phone but when it comes to work it has been a pain. So if you've noticed that I've been a bit quiet on instagram that is because I can't get on there right now. Not to mention I haven't had the time to work for the last few days.

Now that we're mostly settled I will be getting back to work with some new products and new artwork.
I'm rushing this a bit thanks to a limited amount of time to use the net so sorry for it being a bit rushed!

Thanks for your patience and the support I've received recently and for all the ratty sales on Redbubble! You guys are awesome and the support of this starving artist badger is very appreciated! I hope you enjoy your products!
Catch you in July!

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