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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Open Etsy!

If it wasn't obvious, my Etsy shop is now open again and I am back from my week off!
And I have so much planned for this week! Work and life related!
Why is it that when I was away and couldn't actually work I can up with all of these plans and had so much motivation it was hard to contain it all and now that I'm home I'm suddenly feeling very overwhelmed by everything and struggling to get started... It's a weird experience I have every time I have a break. I guess relaxing leads to motivation and of course that's for your future self to deal with so you can sit back and imagine your future self becoming some kind of fantastic machine who powers through each task like it's a piece of cake!
I'm now my future self and I am lacking those super skills!

But I am starting, this is my start. This is breaking the ice so the rest of this should go swimmingly... although I did mention ice so maybe not too swimmingly!

Today I have written everything down. From silly little things to the great big projects so now I can stop thinking that I'm going to forget something.
I also now have a decent price list that I'm very happy with and it's now time to put that in to action which means the rest of this evening (I'ts currently just gone 8:00 PM) to get this work done!

I have a lot of colouring to get done on some new badges and then they can get cooking tomorrow, this also leads to designing and making packaging for each of these items so that I can get them listed up on the shop! I think I'm going to stick to that for tonight!

But as before, my shop is back open! Expect new items to be available by the end of the week!

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