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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

On Holiday!

I should have written this last Friday but ah well. It also isn't a real holiday, not the sun sea and sand type, more the get away and not work for a week type so it is vaguely a holiday!

There's also been a fair amount of fun too with me and the OH walking over 10 miles on Sunday! The sky was bright blue, it was super duper hot and everything was green and alive.
We live in a fairly big town which as you can imagine is mostly concrete, bricks and tarmac. So it was an awesome surprise to take a long walk and find ourselves surrounded by fields and green and streams!
There was even a moment of walking over what I believe to be a very large badger sett which was lots of fun to think there was most likely a family of badgers snoring away beneath us as we climbed the slope.
It was just an amazing day of walking out in the wilds of Wiltshire, I got massive blisters on my feet and my hips and knees still don't feel quite right but I loved it!
I'm one of those people who just likes to get out and get lost in the outdoors and this time I got to share it with my partner which made it even more awesome.

But back to the holiday thing! My Etsy shop is in holiday mode which means you can't buy anything from me at this time. Mainly because I didn't want to disappoint anyone who ordered from me this week and I couldn't post anything out until next week!
My Redbubble shop is of course still open and you can still buy my designs through them (it's always nice with Redbubble when I don't have to do everything myself!)
I will be back next Monday (May 16th) and there's going to be a lot of things happening during that week.
You can expect new products including an easier way to order pet commissions from me! I'd love to get back in to pet commissions as they were lots of fun to work on. My website is also going to be getting cleaned up and will hopefully be all sparkly and shiny by the end of the week.

I'm also starting a few larger projects including another 2 zines (yes I know I said I'd stop them for a bit but they were so much fun to put together!) and more art based products.
Researching printing companies is also going very well and I'm hoping that in a few months I can widen my stock!

A colouring book, coasters, badges, getting things printed isn't a simple thing for me, no idea how some people get it done so quickly and so perfectly! It's a wonderful thing. I also have to remember that I need to make some money back on these products... which seems impossible at times!
Ah the joys of printing things!
Thank goodness for my Beast of a printer, at least I'm completely in control of art prints and zines!

But this isn't taking a break from work so I should stop there!
I can say there's going to be new and exciting things in the coming weeks!

Have a wonderful week and I will catch you next Monday!

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