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Friday, 20 May 2016

New Products are now LIVE!

Wowee! this week has been insane! We've had some ups and downs but we've ended on a very nice up so I can't really complain there!

This week involved a lot of work making new products including some super cute new bird brooches! Here they are in all their shiny glory!

These guys were just so much fun to work on and I can't wait to make more... hopefully I'll need to make more! XD
I will have to admit my little wren has to be my absolute favourite even if I am a big fan of finches... she just has that round cute look that all finches have. Just having seen one bobbing around just adds to it.

And as you may also have noticed... I finally sorted my packaging out! I've been trying to design packaging/backing cards for my jewellery items for months now and never had the right look. So this week I sat down and wouldn't let myself move until I had a design that I was happy with and this happened. I'm very pleased with the outcome no matter how simple it looks! And they look fab once the jewellery is attached to them! I've managed to get better images of the fox and corvus necklaces too which has made me much happier as I've never truly been happy with the product pictures I'd taken of them before.
But then again when it comes to taking product pictures I'm a bit naughty and put it off or try to hide from it as even though I absolutely love y camera and love photography... I HATE taking product pictures! I can never get them to look how I imagine. This is why photography is only a small hobby for me rather than my career!

You can get these items in my Etsy shop, just click HERE

I also now offer pet portrait commissions through my Etsy shop that is going to make it a lot easier for people to order from me. You can however still order through emailing me as well.
I'm excited at the chance to work on more pet portraits!

And of course as a test piece to use before making final brooches I made myself this!

My Silly Badger from my logo who I've become very attached to but then again this is me and I do love my badgers! As you can see it's very tiny but oh so shiny and glossy to the point where I can't stop stroking it! And of course it's nice to be able to wear my logo with pride because I really truly am proud of what I've managed to accomplish with Silly Badger Designs.

So that's my week in Badger Studios! It doesn't seem much but it has been full on with lots to do and write out. Next week there are going to be a couple more products uploaded if all goes to plan! (fingers crossed!) and maybe something a little special at the end of the week ;)

But for now, my work week has come to an end and it's now time to relax and have some time to myself! And try to straighten my back out after a week filled with bending over laptops and worktops!
I'm not a normal person, I can't work at a desk so my back suffers immensely, one day I might behave more like an adult, until then I shall enjoy the feel of my muscles tightening... yeah.

 Have a fantastic weekend filled with smiles and fun!

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