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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Pondering And An Update

I currently have a nasty cold which is making any simple task a pain in the backside. Luckily with my work I can happily work from bed if necessary, this morning it was.

After completing the rat zine I've found myself a bit lost on what next. That and a few other things that I completed together last week have been taking up my whole work life and now that they're done my list is suspiciously empty and I'm struggling to get the creative juices flowing again.
I tend to do this after a big project, I focus so much on it that I forget to add future plans so now I'm here pondering over what to attack next.
Randomly little bee earrings seem to be winning my attention!

I do have a little personal project on the go that has slowed down. Anyone who follows me on Instagram will have seen my badger. It was one of those times when I knew exactly what I needed to draw and exactly how it was going to look. And she came out better than I'd expected.
She was originally very personal. She is obviously a badger, I've also surrounded her with specific plants/flowers that are relevant to me along with my leaf doodle that I draw on everything.
But now I look at her and see the potential for her to be something more than just a personal piece and feel like maybe I should try a few other tricks with the design.
Someone also mentioned the idea of maybe making a colouring book focused on these kind of illustrations which I'm also thinking hard about.

There is also the possibility of another project but I'm not going in to that yet until I can actually confirm it.

Etsy is also changing and updating. I have a habit of joining sites to then have them make big changes a few weeks/months later and it has again happened here.
This morning has been filled with me reading lots of legal forms for various countries so that I can get this all right and working properly so I can give my buyers the best service possible.
I've also been making a list of things that need doing to tidy up my shop for the overhaul, hopefully it will improve, so far I'm seeing a lot of work I need to get on to!

Pet commissions are also going to make a come back soon with a listing up on etsy with lots of examples. I really enjoyed the commissions I worked on previously and would love to get back working on some more. I love putting pets to paper and making owners happy.
Which also brings me to wanting to do much more traditional original work. I have properly sat down to paint or sketch for ages, my badger is probably the first one in quite a few months so I really want to set some time aside to get messy with paints.
The worst thing about this experience is the sheer amount of time I have to spend online. It also drains your energy and at the end of the day painting just seems like hard work when you want to relax.
I guess I want to get more art back in to my art business!

In other news my Venus fly trap is flowering! The stem is growing so fast along with three new heads and I don't think I could be happier by that. Apparently I'm adding more nature nerdiness to myself, now in the form of plants. Only problem is I'm now very excited to harvest seeds from the plant and to plant my own little hydra nursery... Oh the craziness of my life!

I really should be working... :P

Have a great day!

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