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Friday, 11 March 2016

No News Is Good News

That's a hard thing to swallow when you're just starting out and you could do with a little reassurance... Ah well. C'est la vie!

Anyway! On to the more exciting stuff!

The ratty zine is now complete and listed up on my etsy shop here! It has been so much fun to make and I've loved completing it and finally seeing it in it's book form!

And it is by far the best little zine I've ever made. 
These zines are A6 sized with 16 pages filled with amusing descriptions of ratty behaviour and fun illustrations based on real ratties I've had the privilege to know over the years.

I've also added some more greeting cards and some necklaces to my shop, go here to check them out!

It's been a very long day and a long week in general. I have a bad back to prove it although that may have been caused more by my labrador monster who decided to get very hyper when we went for a walk in the woods to the point of nearly dragging me face first down a muddy hill!

I am really really looking forward to this weekend with my partner! I need a break!! Desperately!!

Have a great weekend with lots of smiles and laughter! 

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