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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Working 7 Days a Week

To anyone who believes self employment is easier than being employed... think again. I have worked every day of this week, all day every day and we've arrived at a glorious weekend and I would give anything to go outside in to the beautiful chilly sunlit outdoors and just chill out but I cannot... I have a stack of things to do that need to be done yesterday and I am going out of my mind slightly.

I did however get a wonderful break last night with the OH and a friend with an awesome meal out so I can't really complain.
Just this morning... work is the last thing I want to do and yet I'm faced with a full on day from what I can tell... Yay me.

So I'm now bundled up on the sofa with fluffy throws wrapped around me to keep warm in the frozen flat with my laptop in front of me and my tablet and pen at the ready... I'm currently working on Christmas card designs.
The first one is two badgers and mistletoe and it's not going as smoothly as planned, so far we have this...

I guess it could be going worse... Gosh I'm in a moany mood today! This is what happens when you don't stop working for a week and your social life has drifted to a few hours a day with the odd few text messages.... argh I need to get my balance back.
Hopefully once Christmas has passed (not meaning to be a scrooge) It can relax down... maybe... but that's when more crazy happens and oh boy...

Man, I need a break!

Anyway! Will hopefully have all 10 designs sorted by the end of the day! Hopefully. If not I will just go hide under blankets.

Well time to get back to work! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for reading.

I apologise for my overworked grumbles.

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