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Monday, 23 November 2015

New Designs!




So this week has been full on and full of designs! All of which are now available to buy through my Redbubble shop (Link above!) 

Winter has definitely set in over the last few days and I've spent most of today buried under a mass of blankets as I work... only downside being when I get up I suddenly feel frozen!
But it has inspired lots of winter/festive related work which I'm excited to say has now been done! Yay! Words cannot describe the utter excitement I'm feeling over this!

It has become clear recently that my style is shifting. My Christmas designs compared to those I made last year are slightly better but I'm not finding the traditional outlines with digital colouring as fun and interesting as I used to and instead am turning my attention to the style I've used for the birds above. 
I also have a calendar that I'm in the middle of designing right now and hoping to get up and available soon! It's featuring many birds but... being a bird lover it's hard to choose twelve... I've already ended up switching many about!
Seeing a photo of stampeding sanderlings was enough to make me want to include them.

Now my designs are finished I also have a lot of work to do putting them all together and adding some sparkle! All of the cards I create this year will be hand crafted by myself with added fun! My christmas designs last year lacked the sparkles.

So this is just a quick update before the crazy week begins!
I'm now off to make cinnamon swirls and paint mice! Have a good week!

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