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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Sometimes you just want to cry

I just want to share this here to just reassure that this is not easy.

I've just spent the whole morning working on something that was meant to be a big step forward. I will not say what as it went wrong but it did involve hours of adjusting files and lots of uploading and typing and then I got to the end and hit a rock in the road. Long story short, it's been cancelled.

I'm left with a headache and feeling fairly empty and wishing I had been more observant to start with but I guess I can't go back to this morning and start over.
I just feel grumpy over wasting hours doing lots of intensive work that has now lead to nothing.

I wanted to post this as so often I read other illustrators blogs and they make it sound like everything runs smoothly for them or it's like living a magical life... it does have its moments but oh gosh it's anything but smooth.

Now I just want to go eat cake and hibernate.

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