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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Sometimes you just need to stop for a moment.

Well every time I think I'm getting somewhere right now something pops up and snatches my plan from my hands and runs away laughing...

Not meaning to moan but it would be wonderful if I could finally follow through with this plan!!

On the brighter side of things, it has given me some extra time to just stop and think and to look over everything I have right now.
It allowed me to realise that a lot of my original plans involving me making a lot of products has left the plan entirely without me even noticing which of course is not fantastic!
I'm a crafter artist which means I don't just draw pretty pictures, I create with my hands a lot. I've done book binding, jewellery making, lino printing, papercraft... the list goes on and on and lately I've gotten very obsessed with RedBubble that I've assigned nearly all of my time to making designs to upload.
Of course RedBubble is going to be huge for me right now as I'm actually making money from it and getting noticed, that's a high in itself but perhaps the high is pulling me away from my real talents...
It sounds strange but I had this plan of all of these products to make and nearly all of them left the list because I was trying to do what other illustrators do.
They make gorgeous designs, get them printed and sell them.
Good for them.
I'm not just an illustrator and this is something I need to remember before I forget it all completely!

So yes, my etsy store has been put on hold once again. It's not a failure because there are very good reasons for this being the case. And so what if it's not up and running this moment. It doesn't mean it's not going to happen.
I'm a lot further than I was a year ago yet sometimes I just focus so much on the future that I forget how far I've come and how awesome the now is. Constantly focusing on I wish I had all of these prints and could be as good as that artist is the worst place to be.
I've tried to study what other people do to learn what to do and all that's happened is I'm trying to copy them with the types of products they sell and such and today, I'm just sitting here looking at my plan and thinking... how samey and dull I'm being.

I can already foretell that I will do this in a similar way to other people and get a big fat nothing from it as nothing will get noticed.

Not to mention the more I see myself replicating other people the more I despise myself, that's not something I normally do. I rarely conform let alone follow other peoples lead. Sure it works for some and I'm not hating anything that others do because it works for them and looks amazing but there's just something not right about my work when it gets too clean and loses the raw creativity.

So, I'm going back to my original plan and adding some new ideas. Of course I'm really happy with what I already have but it's just not the route I want to take, I want a much more hands on part of this and I want to create what I sell, some things completely by hand.

It's going to take a bit longer but the etsy store is already behind so it doesn't really matter, I can use this time to create lots more and focus on what I enjoy.
I'm a crafter at heart not a business women and trying to make what people want is bloody hard! Especially as I make things people want anyway, even when they're silly doodles. I just need to find the right people!

Look out people, things are about to get messy and creative!
This became a proper ramble but I had to get it out.

Have a wonderful week full of smiles and happy and if things feel horrid smile anyway, it makes things better, scientifically proven you know ;)

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