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Wednesday, 24 June 2015


You know, fate is being a tricksy little minx right now!

My plans have gone a bit topsy turvy and if I'm to be perfectly honest I'm left feeling a bit numb when I'm not feeling ridiculously overwhelmed.
Now I'm not complaining, this is life and what happens but oh boy my mind is struggling to keep up with everything.

Getting things printed is insane, photographing products is worse, SD cards decide to die, papercuts from bristol board are insanely painful, staring at the sky taking deep breaths does not clear your mind... oh I want to howl!

On the brighter side! I got three cat designs sketched and inked and they're now ready to get scanned in and coloured.
Cats are lots of fun to draw! Although they do curl up in the most interesting ways. I had three cats growing up and it was always funny to see the poses they can twist themselves in to.

I'm hoping to get new designs up on redbubble by the end of the week, I definitely know I can manage that one as I'm in full control of everything involved. At last!

Gosh, this artist gig is fun!

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