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Monday, 6 July 2015

Damn You Murphy!

I seem to be living in Murphys Law, you know the everything that can go wrong will go wrong moment.
I have busted my foot which has left me unable to walk on it for too long today which in turn stops me from completing my original plan.

I'm not sulking *deep breath* I'm really not sulking.

Okay so I'm a bit sulky but that's probably more down to the fact that my heel and ankle are currently throbbing.
It's not exactly stopping me from doing artwork but in true fashion, it's postponed getting supplies... again.
Tomorrow, I will get these supplies! 4 weeks later than originally planned!

I'm just left bemused at how many times things have gotten in the way of something so small and simple which leads to a big pause. It's a learning curve and I'm laughing at it but I really can't wait to get back in control of what goes down!

But on the bright side, waiting for supplies has left me with time to do more digital designs. Which I seem to be going mad with lately!
My RedBubble portfolio has grown a third lately which I'm extremely pleased about so go check it out here!

I've been playing a lot which Photoshop which has been lots of fun as it's so easy to rearrange sizes and poses without the fun of erasers or having to repaint in arms and legs. It's a life saver at times!
One design I've had fun with lately is this guy...

A slow loris, one of the most adorable animals and the only venomous primate. Cute but deadly right?
I had fun drawing him as he's nothing like anything I've worked on before, his head and face are a completely different shape to that of the other animals I've drawn etc.
It's also fun for something so cute to also behave less cute, they are quite vicious when they hunt!

I guess I should now be working on more designs... and not glaring at my foot!

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