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Monday, 15 June 2015

Jurassic Madness

So, the dinosaur nerd got to see Jurassic World on Friday.
I am very excited ;)
I enjoyed it so much I am desperate to see it again!

And it's also brought back the dinosaur projecty thing I've been working on and off on for the last six months or so. This is probably a good thing.
Apart from it's a project that has no end... I'm not sure where it's going at all or what it's going to become which is both brilliant and annoying as it's a wing it project of just doing fun little bits that are all coming together to create something bigger... I just don't know what that bigger thing is right now.

On other things I'm currently sitting in the calm before the storm. My big thing that I've been working on is happening by the end of this month. Yes. This month.
It's scary, a good kind of scary and I'm eager to tackle it head on but as with most things... you have to be patient. I have at least another week but then... the fun begins.

I'm feeling eager but at the same time there is that sense of joy and calm because I've done this myself I know exactly what's going on and when so for the first time I feel like I can just chill out and enjoy myself at times without the major, MUSTGETTHATDONE!!! 
Although I am a weirdo who sometimes enjoys that panic rush... 

But anyway, big news will be coming next week!!

My redbubble shop has also been completely updated with new designs and new products!! 
Go here and check it all out! I promise colours and animals everywhere ;)
Including the Dino design featured at the top of this post!

So if you're considering seeing Jurassic World, you really need to do it! :P
Have a great week!!

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