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Thursday, 18 June 2015

The joys of creativity.

It's amazing how when I need to be on my toes and running around lots I go and get ill. But just because illness strikes doesn't mean life stops running at full speed.
Which is nice because I can sit back and watch it happen for a while. 

So today I got my greetings cards delivered! This is the first time I've had my work printed on greetings cards and it's been super exciting throughout the whole process but of course when you get things printed like this it can cause so much worry over how it's going to turn out... 
But I need not have worried because they came out amazing!

So I now have a box of goodies ready to photograph and then pack them up ready to be sent out! Exciting times!

And the fun part. Some people find it crazy to work on a project that is personal and has no chance of going anywhere, you know the whole waste of time attitude.
I on the other hand believe doing random personal projects keeps you happy and creative and I do artwork because it makes me happy, not only for other people.
So I've been doing more of my dino project. I was up ill for most of last night and I started doodling to make myself smile a bit.
It's a very scruffy doodle but when I woke up this morning I found myself liking the look of it and I wanted to continue the design.

This is where I twisted everything, I'm blaming illness for my randomness today but I decided to work solely in Photoshop. I rarely do this as I find it difficult to work purely with digital brushes and a lot of the time I find it too clean and prefer the rough texture of traditional mediums such as pencils.

So it's been an interesting sick day with lots of digital sketching.
I was pleasantly surprised when I managed to do the lineart without tracing a traditional sketch or using traditional lineart so I found myself doing a happy dance! It's always hit and miss over whetherI can work well here and thankfully today was a good day and it's made me super happy.

I haven't finished them and there's a long way to go but I'm super happy with how they're looking.

I love drawing eyes!!

Now, I'm now struggling with words and sitting up for that matter! Crazy raptor lady out!

Smile!! :)

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