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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Working late!

I'm finishing up my last commissions and getting everything packed and ready to go to its new homes which is actually more fun than it sounds. I'm one of those people who loves to make post enjoyable!

I finished up my last commission for a while today and it's left me with a strange feeling. I'll miss commissions but I really need to focus more on other stuff for a while. Yes I am giving it the title of, stuff.

So here's a peek at part of my evenings work!

It's always fun to pack things up! :)
I love receiving fun, colourful things in the post, they always beat those drab bills or adverts or anything else that's dull so when I send work out I love to make it fun to open. Because everyone needs a sparkle of happy ;)

I also got my business cards through today!! (great timing for once!) and even though they're ridiculously simple they make me happy. Well they do feature my very own choccie boy :P Riley has given them the nuzzle of approval... repeatedly!

So tomorrow is postage day and then I have the rest of the week coming up with lots and lots of designs and maybe having some fun experiments along the way! This is including plastic and metal. That is all I'm giving away ;)
I love how I'm saying the rest of the week like it's only Monday! Wow, it's Thursday tomorrow! So I only have one and a half days to get these designs made up.
Well, that should be fun!

Busy busy bee!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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