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Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Over the weekend I've come across an artist who left me in awe, they not only worked in traditional mediums but also digital, they also not only worked in toon style but also extreme realism.
Up til now I've had the voice of my old art teacher in my head repeating that anybody who makes it in the art world focuses on one style and makes the most of it.

So I have been trying to do that.

Hell knows why as I never listened to anything else she said!

But seeing this artist work in such a way and so freely inspired me to maybe mix things up a bit.
This has probably come at the best time as I am feeling more motivated and like my muse is returning! At long last! I can't put in to words how bad blocks are for artists. Drawing a line can become painful and it just makes you want to curl up and sob in to a pillow. A part of you and usually a very big part of you just suddenly ups and leaves the party without even a simple goodbye! It's horrid.
But now I'm feeling my fingers twitching and I'm wanting to make scribbles.
My amazing OH has also managed to become a muse by sending me this adorable lemur as a surprise.
Meet Ziggy.

I am an animal nerd, if that wasn't obvious by all the animal art I create. Lemurs are one of those animals that captivate me, I've spent so much time in zoos just watching the little guys get up to mischief or lay back and sunbathe... sometimes in slightly interesting poses for the males *ahem*
So receiving this little guy has made me want to draw the rascals... lots.

I plan to use lemurs as the base project for using lots of different mediums and techniques that include digital and many mediums I normally ignore... I have become a bit stuck on the ink and watercolour lately. Not that I don't like working with that. I actually love that style but it's putting me in to a pocket, I prefer to use many mediums.
A good example of that is when I use mixed media for artwork including collage, pens, paint, pencils. Anything goes.
I haven't done that for a while and it's high time I did!

So let the lemur invasion begin!

Also to everyone who has supported me through the Wraptious competition! Thank you so much :)

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