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Monday, 18 May 2015

Commissions are now closed.

After a lot of thought and stressing I've come to the conclusion that I need to stop offering commissions for a while.
My work/stress load is heavy right now and added commissions are just adding to that so the current commissions are the last for a while.

This doesn't mean I won't offer them again. I just want to focus more on work that I have planned. I love to do commissions, making a piece of art featuring someones pet is awesome and I love the joy that brings.
But it's also a lot of work trying to create what somebody wants. It takes time and focus and stops me from working on other things that I've had planned for a while.

So I'm taking a break from the stresses and focusing on my big project. Getting an etsy store up and running.
I will be creating all of the work that will be available and I have many ideas buzzing around that need to be brought to life!
There will be lots of new things happening for this which is why I do need the extra time to create.

So from now, commissions are closed unless otherwise stated.

In other news!

I've entered the sunnies in to the wraptious competition!

Points are gained through sales and facebook likes! So if you feel like grabbing a t-shirt with one of my sunny designs click on the links below the pictures! If not but you feel generous and want to help a girl out and also have a facebook account, please please please go and like them!
It would mean so much!!
But no pressure ;)

Have a wonderful week :)

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