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Friday, 15 May 2015


Today is being filled with lots of doggy doodles! Probably the best part of my job at times.
When I get a new commission I will spend a good few hours drawing the dog breed in all angles and colours just to get a feel for them so that when I start on to the draft sketch for the finished piece I will know what I'm doing and will have more of a chance of getting it right!

I currently have a commission featuring Cavalier King Charles spaniels, a breed I've never ventured in to before so I wanted to get a lot of practice in before starting on the real work.
I was quite excited to get going here and these dogs can't help but be adorable so the last days work for me has been filled with adorable fluffy faces!

The worst thing today is the nagging headache that is trying to get in between me and my work! A headache whilst concentrating is ridiculous. So there have been many breaks here and there throughout this process.
And now on to the first draft! Fingers crossed this goes to plan!!

If you are interested in a pet commission from me please go here to find more information and to contact me personally.

Have a great day!

Edit - Commissions are now closed.

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