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Thursday, 30 April 2015

So, holiday slightly interrupted

I know, I said I would be away for a week... that was before a wonderful parcel arrived.

After finding out I'd uploaded designs to redbubble my mum couldn't wait to dive in and get her paws on some cushion covers. She nags me to do designs for her or to get things printed and I'm a bit rubbish and never get around to it... oops! So she decided to do it herself and ordered these babies.

I'm not quite sure who was more excited when we opened up the parcel! Pure excitement was just flooding through me as I saw the ratty people design.
I am really impressed by the quality of the material and the print itself, it's perfect!

And of course the model had to pose beside his new pillow... unfortunately he was sleepy and really didn't want to pose much :D

And here's a closer look at the ratty people design. I have to admit this is probably my favourite of these three designs just because they came out so damn well and well, it's perfect :P The real rats are not allowed to pose with their cushion though due to the odd piddle that would not go down well!

My mum also surprised me with a late birthday present. You may remember the corvus constellation piece I made a few weeks back, I fell in love with the crow... So she got him printed on to a tote bag and again I am in awe of the print! 
I am also taking this moment to say that my poor poor printer/scanner did an absolutely amazing job... Anyone who knows me knows that I have a love hate relationship with my little printer... I expect way too much from it and tend to grumble about it a lot at any opportunity I get. It's gotten to the point where any time I need to use the machine I start to either rant at it or beg it with all I'm worth to work!
But I have forgiven it... for now. I love the design on the bag, it fits well to the shape and size and I love the softness the watercolours have.
As you can see in the second picture I've added the original artwork to give a size comparison. This is the reason I am back on good terms with my Pixma! 
Can you tell how excited I am by these designs/products?

So there we have a sorta quick update! 
If anyone is interested in buying from redbubble, my designs or otherwise, I can definitely recommend them on service and quality. They're fab!
And if you're an artist who wants to get there work available without the hassle of producing it yourself, again I can highly recommend them. 

Now! Back to my so called break!

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