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Wednesday, 29 April 2015


I'm writing this so people out there know I do not create create create all of the time. Some people get the impression that I'm some super hero artist who can just churn out work on a daily basis.
Sometimes, this is true.
Sometimes... this is a huge huge illusion!

If you're a creative, you hit blocks. It doesn't matter what you do but if it's creating something through words, pictures, sounds, whatever it is there is always this chance of running out of juice.
Sometimes you can just work through these moments and other times... no matter what you do you just can't get out of it.
I am currently in the latter. This is not fantastic as this is my job!

I'm not going to mope about this as it's just something that happens and then goes.
The past month for me has been huge and has involved a lot of work... artwork and business work. I'm learning this as I go so it's not simple and the next step I'm about to take is a big one and is going to be filled with stress!
I'm extremely excited about it and can't wait to get started but at the same time I can see the to-do list I have and it's making me want to curl up in a ball like a grumpy hamster and just glare out in a threatening manner :P
I need a break before I take this next step. I need to let my ideas and inspiration recharge and I need to get over this huge exhaustion cloud that seems to be hovering over me!
So until the 6th of May (a week today) I'm on holiday!

All my work is still available and I am still easy to contact but for now, I need a break or I'm going to break under the pressure.
Everyone needs a holiday every now and then and I've been working many hours for the past few months to the point where I'm not getting enough sleep.

I'm not saying I'm not going to do artwork or anything like that but I'm not going to be working. It's all for fun!
And then I'll be ready to take on the BIG challenge next month! EEP!

I'll be back!!

Allons y!!

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