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Monday, 9 March 2015

A little March commission and inspiration

I was so excited when a friend of mine asked me to do a commission of her family pets (past and present) to be given as a gift to her mum. The main reason for this excitement is that I got to work with two things I've been dying to try. Cats and a triple set.
I don't get to work with as many cats as I'd like so this was extremely fun and exciting, especially as they were interesting colourations!
I've also been dying to try working on a triple pet set to be put in a triple frame. It's an idea I've had but never been given the opportunity to try it out so of course at the mention of three pets I jumped on my friend offering this triple and oh I'm so happy she agreed!
I'm really not this demanding, I've known the girl for 15 years so she's used to my eager pouncing!

So I got so excited to work on these... and then came down with some kind of flu that left me stuck in bed for a week.
Luckily though I managed to recover this weekend and got busy and they're almost complete, there's just a few small touches that need to be added.

Each piece is 10 x 15 cm to fit a typical photo frame. They are inked with professional waterproof pens and painted with professional level watercolour paints.
If you're interested in a portrait of your own pet from me like this please go to and use the contact form!

My commissions are currently open this spring so if you're interested at all please feel free to contact me.

And in other news, it looks as though spring has started to spring in to business at long last here in the UK. Don't get me wrong, I love a good cosy winter but there's a limit to everything... It's never good to indulge in something for too long after all!
For me spring is such an inspiring time of year, I love to see the blossom transforming dead twigs in to colourful collections, seeing flowers pop out of the ground within days, watching the birds begin to nest. It's a beautiful time of year where every day offers a new look on everything. A good example being my daffodil pot on my windowsill, bought with no flowers just last week, each day at last one new flower has arrived, I'm now up to 7!!

Oh I could gush about the beauty of spring all day but alas I have more work to get done... unfortunately not the fun kind... on to invoices and book keeping *sigh*

Have a wonderful week!

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