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Monday, 23 February 2015


I have been so bad at keeping up to date on here, decided this year I'd get better and we're nearing the end of February and I've started my first post of the year... Oh dear.

It's been a crazy start to 2015 and I've been buzzing around like a lost bee lately. I lost all of my confidence in January and found myself giving up on almost everything. It was like nothing I did made a difference and I was on my own.
It was extremely hard.

Lately I've been getting great feedback on my work and a good few pokes from people I love to keep going so I got busy and got working.
I had my first commission of the year which was of a newfoundland dog. For a start newfies are one of my favourite breeds of dog and me and my OH hope to own one someday but for now getting to draw one was wonderful.

Unfortunately the only image I got was on my phone. This style is loved by so many right now and I love working on these commissions and hearing about the dogs.

For valentines day I planned to make my OH a card, I drew out the design and was ready to colour it when I unexpectedly went to stay with him at his place, miles away from my computer. As you can imagine this made finishing it impossible and left me a bit mopey. It probably worked out for the best though.
I finished the picture tonight and am so happy with it. My guy approves too which makes it even better! 

I am obviously a bird nerd and he loves corvids so it works. I also love the fact that jays have an obsession with acorns. I managed to watch one during the autumn stashing a few under a tree, it seemed extremely top secret and a joy to watch.

I also continued the dog theme I have going,

Cooper the golden retriever.

Patch and Pippa the Jack russells.

Sam the Beagle.

I love working in this style, it's so free and even though it's simple you can still add so much character to the dogs. Everyone who has commissioned me has loved their finished piece.
If you're interested in a commission like this I am currently offering them at £25 for A4 and £35 for A3. If you're interested please contact me here.

I now have an Instagram account as well as my Twitter, the links are now listed on the left hand side of this page. You can find my ramblings and latest work and work in progress over there.

If you're interested in any of my work or just want to find out more please visit

Thanks for reading!

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