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Monday, 30 March 2015

Busy Times


Well today was meant to be a chill day, you know... a day where work wasn't involved, I could just do anything.
Of course this did NOT happen. Every time I plan a break I end up getting this sudden urge to get super productive, goodbye future holidays!

Today has been like a crash course in Photoshop. It's not that I don't know how to use it although I guess being self taught I don't know the "proper" way to use it... bad me! But I've gotten rusty lately after doing so much traditional media work.
So learning to remove backgrounds and remembering to use .png files was a little bit insane!
But I got there eventually so can't really complain much ;)

So I've gone through many pieces I've done over the past year, messed around with them in general silly badger fashion and I now have them up on redbubble.
You can get them on a range of products and I plan to expand on the designs I already have up so keep an eye on my profile!
So if you're interested in my work and would like a design please visit my redbubble page. They have decent prices for a printing company (believe me I've become an expert on the subject over the past few months!)
And of course please share if you feel generous. Any help I get right now is extremely appreciated!!

So please go check out my redbubble portfolio and shop here!

I'm also busy doing more random projects that are mostly focussed on myself.
I obviously have a love for birds and want to learn to draw feathers more and I also have a fascination with dinosaurs or just any prehistoric creature.
Right now I'm designing some characters/creatures. I've worked on an allosaurus (Nero) and am now working on a pair of velociraptors (Solly and Luna)
It's lots of fun and allowing for lots of artistic license which is something I rarely get to do as I'm so obsessed with getting things right.

So, onwards to more crazy busy times!

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