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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Can I hibernate yet?

The nights are growing dark and the sky is less blue and more of a greyish white, whatever it is, it's not colourful and summer anymore.
November is coming to a close and wow it's been a crazy one!

The cat commission was completed and to my extreme relief they were liked!

Please note I am still open for commissions at the moment! Just get in touch if interested!!

I currently have an ongoing canine commission and so many other ideas going on.
Christmas designs are also happening even though I've left it a little bit late, I mean come on, Christmas arrived in shops and advertisements weeks ago! I'm so behind! ;)
Jewellery designs are also on the list, more on these as they happen.

Also, look out for a chocolate labrador in the future, he's planning on taking over... 

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