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Friday, 24 October 2014

Steady as she goes!

This past week has been... emotionally painful.
I've been so close to giving up but my amazing boyfriend won't let me and I am so thankful to him. It's nice to have someone who reminds you that you can do this.

But anyway! I decided to make two more designs for the Ohh Deer competition! They are currently being processed and checked before becoming available but the designs are these!

I got a couple of old sketches I really love and managed to play around with their backgrounds and here they are. I'm quite proud and excited at how they came out!

If you like the designs keep a look out here and I'll post the link to the products!

I currently have a to do list that seems never ending! I have to get three more designs created to a standard I'm happy with (the chance would be a fine thing!) along with a few more traditional pieces, finishing off a very large pebble painting, designing an owl as well as some non art related pieces like redecorating, a special birthday and NaNoWriMo.
It's gonna be a busy few weeks here!

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