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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Back to work!

Unfortunately my short break away got lengthened due to illness and I've only just managed to get back on my feet. This illness wasn't too bad but one of the symptoms was extreme exhaustion that left me unable to do much more than lay down watching films.

Thankfully I'm over that and my muse has returned with lots of inspiration!

So I played around with water colours and a magpie. Once finished I had the urge to doodle leaves on to the page and I've taken a liking to it.
Something that I'd like to try out more of.

I continued to work on the large commission I've neglected recently. It was a huge project to take on and I've been given time to complete it. With all the extras added and shading I believe I'm almost finished!

And lastly I've been working on my portfolio lately and chickens came to mind. Like I said, my muse has returned. In a few hours I managed to doodle 31 chickens and learnt the style I wanted to use. 
Normally I need many ref pictures to work from but this time I was finding that I could put the chickens in different poses without any picture to refer to.

I've managed to start working on some final pieces for the chickens and am planning to colour them tomorrow!

So work on the portfolio is growing and things are starting to take shape. I'm currently writing this at fifteen minutes past midnight and words are failing me! 
Time for sleep!

Thanks for looking!

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